Edhat’s 2023 Year in ED Review

It’s time to review the past twelve months and pick out some of our most read and most commented stories for our “2023 Year in ED Review.”

We’ve got an eclectic mix of stories that readers found to be the most engaging, the majority being severe weather impacts.

Below are some of the most interesting topics, photos, and discussions from 2023 to highlight a year full of events. Check them out below and leave your comment on your most memorable 2023 story.

Most Read Stories of 2023

1. Road Closures: Highway 101, 154, and More – 50.3k Reads 

The rainstorms in January 2023 brought massive amount of flooding, damage, road closures, and all-around frustration. Authorities advised not driving anywhere for a few days which closed businesses and schools, effectively rendering everyone to shelter in place. Readers came to edhat to see the latest road closures and updates.

2. Fish and Game Commission Suspends and Terminates Fishing Privileges for Two Southern California Commercial Lobster Fishermen – 46k Reads 

In November the State revoked the commercial fishing licenses of two Southern California commercial fishermen for frequent and flagrant abuses such as placing traps in restricted areas and fishing undersized lobsters.

3. Readers Share Photos of Flooded Areas Throughout Santa Barbara County – 42k Reads

Just earlier this month edhat readers sent in photos of flooding throughout the area from the latest rainstorm.

4. New Highway Sign for Downtown Santa Barbara? – 41k Reads

In April a reader sent in a photo of a highway sign addition that read “SEE THE HOMELESS” under the Downtown Santa Barbara (Carrillo Street) offramp from Highway 101. While this was a few weeks off from April Fools, the sign obviously caused quite a stir. Public officials were on top of it, probably after they saw it on edhat, and it was down pretty quickly. The “artist” has yet to come forward.

5. Op-Ed: Solvang Votes for Bigotry and Discrimination Against LGBTQ Community – 37 Reads

In March the danish-inspired town of Solvang received international condemnation for their City Council voting against a celebration of pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. Residents made their opinions on the matter known and one edhat reader penned a scathing opinion article about a specific council-member using derogatory and offensive language toward the LGBTQ+ community.

6. Gibraltar Road Damage – 35k Reads

During the same January 2023 storm as the top story, the damage was pretty intense to Gibraltar Road leaving residents unable to travel through. It took quite a while for engineers to repair and stabilize the roadway.

7. Rock and Mud Slides Close Highway 101 – 32k Reads

Again, same storm from January 2023 wreaked havoc on our roadways. This time it was Highway 101 and Highway 1 that CHP closed down for safety reasons.

8. Lake Cachuma Numbers After Rain – 31.5k Reads

The January 2023 storm was pretty significant in a positive way as well, our local water sources were brought out of drought status. With the series of stories early in the year the lake grew to 75% full in just a few days.

9. Local History Featured at UCSB Library – 31.5k Reads

UC Santa Barbara Library Special Research Collections returned to the city’s Eastside to share family photographs and home videos gathered the previous year during its inaugural outreach to preserve the community history of surrounding neighborhoods. The Santa Barbara Community Archives Showcase took place in August.

10. January Storm Photo Gallery – 31k Reads

More of that January storm. We created an article dedicated to photos from readers of flooded roadways and more. Photos and reports reached international news with stations throughout the world showing damage from the intense storms.

Most Commented Stories of 2023

Edhat readers have a lot to say, and that’s a good thing! For the most part anyway. Some of these stories might have ranked higher on the list but we’re not counting the deleted comments. With that said, please follow our guidelines and if you aren’t sure what they are… be kind.

Here are the most commented stories from the year:

114 Comments – Criminal Charges Recommended for Woman in Racist Viral Video

112 Comments – Rep. Carbajal Issues Statement on Trump’s Indictment for Attempting to Overturn 2020 Election

108 Comments – Nearly 4% Decrease in Homelessness Countywide


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From all of us at edhat.com, we wish you a happy New Year.

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