City Awards $2.5 Million Contract to Edhat for State Street Designs

The 1300 block of State Street in Santa Barbara (edhat photo)

We are humbled to announce the prestigious City of Santa Barbara has awarded edhat a $2.5 million contract for our exceptional sketches of the future of State Street.

After countless designers and consultants presented their ideas, Ed pondered, “what if someone with zero architectural and design experience gave it a try?”

Ed booked a private presentation with the illustrious State Street Advisory Committee. While sitting at Judge for Yourself Cafe just an hour before the presentation, he sketched his brilliant plans on a variety napkins, as all the greats do, without preparation or forethought. Let’s just say, it was a hit.

The committee unanimously agreed it complemented Santa Barbara’s unique character and wrote a check on the spot.

Below is a high quality and very professional sketch that drew “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” from the committee. Behold, the future of State Street!

High quality sketch of the future of State Street (edhat rendering)

Click here to see edhat’s full presentation

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. As a longtime Edhat columnist, I will watching the mail for the big check for my share of this windfall. (I hope it comes soon. I’ve already started spending it, and friends that I haven’t seen in ages are suddenly wanting to get together with me.)

  2. April Fool or not: I am willing to bet that The EdHat staff would do a better job in putting State Street on a path back to normalcy than any consultant who our stone age non-thinking SBA City Council would hire. City Councils, past and present have managed to destroy what was once a place for locals to enjoy being, walking and shopping there.

    The 500 unit apartment complex that is proposed to replace Paseo Nuevo, if approved, will turn into a slum. Look at any 500 unit complex and they spell trouble. They have a much higher percentage level of 911 police calls compared to smaller complexes. This complex will be another stake into the heart of State Street long after members of the present city council are gone! Why should they worry what happens because of their bad decisions?

  3. Truly an excellent and very streamlined design. One side should be regular bikes, the other E-Bikes, just saying. Actually, E-bikes should probably be on Anacapa and Chapala since they are motorized vehicles. AND, lets keep any bikes off the sidewalks. Make signs that say no bikes on the pedestrian sidewalk! (It’s an issue.)

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