It’s Time to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Barbara

Happy Irish-American holiday, better known as St. Patrick’s Day!

While the day is rooted in religious undertones, marking the death of Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick, Irish immigrants brought the commemoration to the United States as early as 1737. Festivities have grown in the following years where it’s estimated that 33 million people worldwide raise pints of Guinness and eat corned beef for Ireland’s sake.

Here are some ideas to celebrate the holiday while wearing your green-themed outfit.


  1. Order Bangers N’ Mash or Corned Beef & Cabbage from Santa Barbara’s very own Irish pub, Dargan’s.
  2. Grab an Irish Coffee at Santa Barbara’s very own Irish literary bar, the James Joyce.
  3. Visit local breweries and bars to chat with fellow Santa Barbarans, just as pubs are used for gathering spaces in Ireland.
  4. Pick up freshly baked bread and shamrock cookies from local bakeries. Andersen’s Danish Bakery is serving up Shamrock cookies.


  1. Have the tried and true national beer of Ireland, Guinness (which is still produced at the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin to this day)
  2. Take other types of Irish beer, such as Harp, and add a few drops of green food coloring for a green beer.
  3. There are too many Irish whiskey brands to name but grab a few and have a small tasting. Jameson, Midelton, Redbreast, and Tyrconnell are just a few.
  4. Enjoy your evening (or morning, we won’t judge) with a little whiskey in your coffee for an Irish Coffee.
  5. Bailey’s Irish Floats are great for a boozy dessert.


From Irish Soda Bread to corned beef and cabbage to traditional stew, there are a ton of options to celebrate Irish cuisine.

Check out our recent post on recipes to try here:


  1. Listen to authentic Irish tunes
  2. Watch movies with Irish themes. Here are just a few options: Bloody Sunday, Michael Collins, Angela’s Ashes, Circle of Friends, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Brooklyn, and Belfast.
  3. Hop online and learn about Irish history.
  4. Try to learn an Irish jig with this YouTube video
  5. Listen to poetry by Irish authors such as W.B. YeatsSeamus Heaney, and Samuel Beckett for free on Spotify.
  6. For additional reading, we previously published a story about a trip our Publisher made to Dingle, Ireland. Dingle was one of Santa Barbara’s sister cities and it has a dolphin statue created by our very own Bud Bottoms. Read more about Lauren’s trip to Dingle here.
Dingle, Ireland (Credit: Lauren Bray / edhat staff)

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