UC Santa Barbara Students Set up Camp to Peacefully Protest the War in Gaza

Approximately 200 students have pitched an encampment between near UC Santa Barbara's North Hall to protest the war in Gaza (courtesy of @Ucsbliberatedzone On Instagram)

Hundreds of UC Santa Barbara students have created a peaceful encampment on campus to show their support for Palestinians affected by the war in Gaza and vows to stay until the university meets their demands.

As part of a series of protests across UC campuses and organized by the “UCSB Liberated Zone,” a campus group supporting Palestinians, about 200 people have pitched tents between North Hall and the Davidson Library.

The camp began on May 1st and like many student groups throughout the United States, they’re asking the university to divest funds related to the ongoing war.

On May 3, the group posted their demands online that include disclosing investments and Department of Defense-related contracts; divesting from weapons manufacturers, “unethical materials,” and “colonial infrastructure;” demilitarize research, abolish the UC Police Department, academic boycott of Israel, and protect free speech and academic freedom.

One day earlier, UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang’s office released a statement on the encampment supporting the school’s tradition of student activism, although noted the unsanctioned nature of the encampment has drawn attention, prompting him to remind students about adhering to laws and codes of conduct on campus. This call to action stems from recent instances of disruptive activities and an ongoing Federal Discrimination Probe following an incident targeting the Jewish president of Associated Students.

Approximately 200 students have pitched an encampment between near UC Santa Barbara’s North Hall to protest the war in Gaza (courtesy of @Ucsbliberatedzone On Instagram)

“We must ensure campus safety, and respect the right of everyone on campus to feel safe. Those violating laws and codes of conduct in unsanctioned, illegal, and disruptive activities, whether non-affiliates or members of our campus community, are subject to legal and disciplinary action,” wrote Yang.

“We recognize that the violence and suffering in the Middle East have caused great distress in our campus community and we urgently hope that a peaceful resolution will be found. We remain committed to dialogue and education, especially where there are strongly held and differing views. As a public university, the University of California welcomes regular reviews of its policies and practices; there is much that can be debated with analytic rigor.”

Yang went on to state that many students are looking forward to commencement ceremonies next month, a nod to recent graduation ceremony cancellations at other universities due to protests.

“To report antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Arab, anti-Black, or other forms of discrimination, follow this link: https://uctitleix.i-sight.com/portal. Reports will be reviewed and investigated, consistent with campus and UC policies, and federal law, and appropriate action will be taken through our established conduct codes and policies to hold responsible individuals accountable,” Yang wrote.

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        • Is that a turnip asking that question? I can’t imagine anyone smarter than one asking it. They’re calling for the end of the slaughter of Palestinians, including thousands upon thousands of dead and maimed children.

      • I’m not sure about UCSB but most of the protestors at the campuses aren’t students, need to open your eyes or take your binders off or maybe you’ve got a blind stick .Calling me a liar, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Your the biggest liar/ problem with this country what’s wrong with the world its because of people like you in it

          • can you provide a source that they are students? don’t you watch the media and look at the people they’re just a bunch of violent vagrants( some illegeally here) are hopping from City to City. Supply Tents that offer Supplies for Portland San Francisco Venice beach resurrection. look carefully at the pictures and it’s the same partial group from UCLA that got booted out or arrested

            • ANON – if you’re going to make a wild claim like that, it’s up to you to back it up. I understand that you have no source, but just come out and say that instead.

              And yeah, I DO watch and read the articles about this, including the interviews with student protesters and I see the videos of them peacefully protesting. I also see NO evidence of these protesters doing anything you could really consider as antisemitic, despite them being attacked as such.

              I also DO see the video and reports of outside, “professional” agitators saying awful, antisemitic things and threatening Jewish students and I think that is terrible. There is no place for hate here. I (and most good people) want what these students want: An end to war that has killed tens of thousands of innocent people.

              Now, go find your “news” source showing “most” of these protesters aren’t students.

            • Sac, are you aware that Gazans have always been able to come and go across the Egyptian border? They have not been “trapped” there. If that were the case how could there have been hundreds of Palestinian-American citizens in Gaza visiting their families on vacation when the war started?

              Of course they have to pay bribes to Hamas that put traveling outside of Gaza beyond the economic means of many Gazans.

              • ALEX – it’s not that simple. Most Gazans don’t have the $$ to cross into Egypt.

                “Leaving Gaza was already a complicated matter before the start of the war due to the blockade imposed by both Israel and Egypt since 2007” https://www.timesofisrael.com/gazans-reportedly-charged-exorbitant-sums-by-egyptian-company-to-leave-strip/

                So no, it’s not as free, open and willy nilly as you seem to suggest.

                I get that Israel “allowed” crossing into Egypt, but to suggest Gaza has some free and open border is just factually not true.

                • I literally said:

                  “Of course they have to pay bribes to Hamas that put traveling outside of Gaza beyond the economic means of many Gazans.”

                  Did you not see that?

                  I never said it was “free and open” or that it was “willy nilly”.

                  You said that they are “trapped”. I said no, they are not “trapped”.

                  There is a middle ground between “trapped” and “free and open” and that is the reality of how it has been. Again, how else could there have been hundreds of Palestinian-Americans vacationing and visiting their families at the time of October 7th and the ensuing invasion?

                  In fact, even now, if you have money and connections to Hamas you can get out of Gaza through Egypt.

                  • ALEX – I read it and I noted the context and tone. Yes, if you have $$$ (like up to 10 grand each). then goody, you can get into Egypt. Have you seen the people of Gaza? Do they look like they have that kind of money? Why are there still millions of people there if it’s so easy to leave as you insist?

                    “Again, how else could there have been hundreds of Palestinian-Americans vacationing and visiting their families at the time of October 7th and the ensuing invasion?” – Again, because they have PASSPORTS.

                    We’ve beat this horse to death now. Fact remains, the people of Gaza are for the most part, stuck in Gaza. Is that better? You ok with that wording? Jeezus dude.

                    • Yet again, you are claiming I have said things that I have not said.

                      When did I say it was “easy”?

                      Never. Again I will repeat what I said–that the cost of bribing Hamas officials puts exiting the country behind the economic means of most Gazans.

                      And also, having a PASSPORT does not guarantee passage in or out of Gaza. You still need to pay bribes to Hamas.

  1. I really hope UCSB allows this peaceful protest to continue to spread awareness of the atrocities occurring in Gaza. Peaceful demonstrations, especially relating to the Israel-Hamas war, must be allowed to proceed without falling to outside pressure. Good work, students! Keep it peaceful and open!

  2. Peaceful protest is fine.

    Sadly, however, many demonstrators (perhaps even all) do not understand the definition of genocide, that word appearing so prominently in their protestations.

    This, from the Oxford dictionary: “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.”

    Thus, the difference between Hamas and the Israelis is illustrated by this recent quote:

    “Hamas WOULD commit genocide of the Jews if it could; Israel COULD commit genocide of the Palestinians, but it won’t.”

    Very telling. Hamas IS intent on destroying the nation of Israel and Jews as a group, while Israel is NOT intent on destroying the Palestinians as a group.

    • Yeah, but the perceived “genocide,” isn’t the only reason they’re protesting. No matter what you call it, what Israel is doing to tens of thousands of innocent children is horrendous. People are protesting the relentless support of Netanyahu and his chilling policies, not just related to Gaza. These aren’t “anti-Jewish” protesters, they’re pro-Palestinian rights protesters.

      Further, please stop equating Hamas with all Palestinians. Despite an election 20 years ago (and none since), doesn’t mean the people of Gaza, the majority of whom weren’t even alive then), support Hamas and what they stand for.

      As for Israel not being “intent on destroying the Palestinians as a group,” same thing. Some members of the Israeli government have indicated that very feeling, while most Israelis do not.

    • “Israel COULD commit genocide of the Palestinians, but it won’t.”

      I doubt that’s a recent quote because it is way out of step with the facts today. The head of Israel was parading a map of the Middle East with Palestine erased just a few years ago. Now, today, Israel has killed about 35,000 Palestinians since October 2023, and counting–primarily innocent non combatants. If Israel had stopped at the Hamas number, about 1,200, or even double that, people probably would have been OK with that…. But they’re at about 30 times that now, and they want to keep killing.

      • GALADY – Great point! I keep seeing this “argument” against genocide as if there’s only one way to eliminate a group of people.

        Sure, Israel could have killed the entire population of Gaza and the West Bank within days of Oct 7, but so what? Just because they didn’t kill them all right away doesn’t mean there’s factions of the Israeli government who want to (and maybe even are) carry out plans that would have the end result of an even more oppressed and decimated indigenous Palestinian population? That’s absurd. Israel knows they wouldn’t have gotten away with a mass killing and occupation. Carrying out policies with the same result can still be “genocide.”

        Not saying that’s the official Israeli policy here, but you’re kidding yourself if you think no one in that government would do it if they thought they could get away with it. Let’s stop praising Israel for their “constraint” as if their current actions are some venerable or philanthropic endeavor.

      • To say that Israel could commit genoicide of the people in Gaza is a fact.

        To say that they aren’t currently endeavoring to do so is also a fact.

        If they were currently attempting to murder every person in Gaza the casualties would already be in the hundreds of thousands. That is a fact.

        To state that there are senior leaders in the Israeli of the Israeli government who advocate for ethic cleansing and the implicit mass murder which that would require is also a fact.

        To state that radical right wing religious settlers are advocating for ethnic cleansing and mass murder is also a fact.

        Holding a map of “Israel and Judea” in front of a camera is not ethnic cleansing or genocide. It is clearly aspirational towards one or both of those goals but it is not tantamount to the goals themselves. And, by the way, I think the vast majority of even the radical right are not so much interested in genocide, i.e., the murder of all Palestinians, as they are interested in ethnic cleansing and the forcible transfer of the entire non-Jewish population from what they consider to be historic Israel.

        All of that is evil and bad.

        Let’s stick to the facts.

  3. Yang put out a detailed statement to UCSB staff when this went down. He seems content to let this go unless things get out of hand including any potential to jeopardize graduation ceremonies. All of it made sense to me. These students deserve a graduation after the COVID fiasco the government put them through. I doubt the students here will get out of control like others elsewhere have.

  4. These kids are so lost, it’s sad. They have no idea they’re pandering to millennia old hatred towards Jews. Any other country gets its people slaughtered, raped and kidnapped in a totally unprovoked attack and is allowed to retaliate unless it’s Israel right? Sacjon is out of his mind to keep propagating this genocide lie. Want a real genocide? Try the Holocaust where nearly 50% of all Jews were tortured to death! What’s happening in Gaza is what happens when the international community allows a globally recognized terrorist organization to terrorize its neighbor for 20 years and the neighbor has finally had enough! Look what the US did after a single event (9/11)! If Israel really wanted to enact genocide it would have done it on October 8 in a single day. So enough with these tired claims, and support our ally who’s surrounded by 7th century mentality barbarians continually provoking it with little to no reprimand from the biased international community and sheep like sacjon who fail to see the bigger picture or are simply happy to see Jews suffer. Either reason is incredibly disappointing.

      • How so ?
        You are on the wrong side of history.
        Kids should be getting an education not indoctrination as they become adults.
        No matter your age sac, you are just a child and can’t see the forest for the trees.

        • TNKY – the “right” side of history is being OK with the killing of civilians? I really don’t believe that’s true.

          And no, kids should be LEARNING at the college level about the affairs of the world and expressing their thoughts and frustrations. Accepting an unbalanced “war” that is killing tens of thousands of innocent people is not something most people are OK with.

          And once again, your insults just undermine the value of anything you say. Try to grow up, mentally that is, TNKY.

    • CALIB – can you point to a single incidence of antisemitism by the students in the encampments, NOT the outside agitators and “professional protesters” that have soured these events, protesting Netanyahu’s barbaric policies?

      People like you keep calling them antisemites without any examples. It’s easy to label an entire group as something, much harder to actually back that claim.

    • RUBAIYAT – Those were what would now be considered war crimes. Also, WWII was 80 some years ago. We have the tech to achieve results without butchering and burning civilians.

      It’s terrifying that you consider this to be OK. Barbaric, really.

      • No, I don’ think that there is a technological answer to the problem of fighting in an urban environment populated by civilians being used as shields. You can change tactics to minimize civilian casualties, i.e., don’t carpet bomb or fire bomb the area, but if you do that you will end up taking more casualties engaging in close fighting in those circumstances. So you’re asking a government to prioritize civilian lives over the lives of their soldiers, which is part of why the IDF has taken the number of casualties they have.

        • Are you saying we should allow more civilian deaths to preserve soldiers’ lives? Sorry, but both sides’ soldiers signed up to put their lives on the line. The civilians didn’t. If the government wanted to preserve lives, it wouldn’t be doing what it’s doing.

          Urban warfare is tough, especially in a tiny enclave like Gaza where civilians have been forced to relocate into small towns for the past 7 months. I feel bad for the lost IDF lives, but not as bad as I do for the innocent civilians.

          It’s time to stop. It’s been time to stop.

            • Hamas just offered a ceasefire agreement. Why don’t the Palestinians resist? How? Do you know much about the situation in Gaza? Who do you think has all the weapons? Not much the civilians can do against a heavily armed terrorist group that is in some sense, the only line of defense they have against the invading Israeli army. Further, how do you know there isn’t some resistance?

              • Thanks for pointing this out sacjon, I will quote you. “”Not much the civilians can do against a heavily armed terrorist group””. The exact reason we have the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution!!

              • Have you seen reports of resistance by civilians against Hamas? I have never seen that.

                And beyond that, it’s pretty nuts that you would say Hamas is a “defense” against the IDF, when Hamas’ battle plan is literally to keep civilians in conflict areas and to take massive civilian casualties for their own political gain.

                • I never said they are resisting, I asked how they know there is NOT any. You’re putting words in my mouth/fingers again.

                  How do you know what their “battle plan” is at this point? Just because civilians are present in Gaza doesn’t mean they’re being used as shields. Where else are they supposed to go? How many Palestinian civilians without foreign visas/passports has Israel allowed to flee Gaza? They’re being evacuated and herded into other cities where they’re once again being bombed and bulldozed. Since Israel started this massive destruction of the Gaza enclave, civilians have been trying to get away, only to be killed en route (plenty of evidence of that) or to wind up once again crammed into small towns that then become targets. Surprising that this isn’t known to so many.

                  It’s really difficult to take some of this seriously given the facts.

                  • Hamas has had the same strategy around using civilians as shields. They have been public and clear about their willingness to trade lots of civilian blood for PR. That is literally their strategy. Have you read anything about their public statements on this? It’s not hard to find.

                    Beyond that–words in your mouth? You said “how do you know there isn’t resistance”.

                    Your words.

                    I said:

                    “Have you seen any reports of resistance, I haven’t.”

                    And that’s me putting words in your mouth?

          • You said “we have the tech to achieve results without butchering and burning civilians.”

            No, I don’t think we do. Urban warfare has not changed much since WW2. Unless of course you are aware of technologies that make it possible to do what you claim. What technology exactly do you think allows for this?

              • You’re saying that counterintelligence has advanced to the point that the Israeli military can determine where combatants are and where civilians are in an urban warfare setting?

                You think that urban warfare has changed in that regard? Show proof of that. How.

                When the US military was fighting Isis in Iraq, and specifically in Mosul, the estimates are that up to 40,000 civilians were killed. And I’m pretty sure that we have the technological capacity that Israel does. That wasn’t ww2 and it was the most technologically advanced military force in history.

                The notion that this war could be fought with lower civilian casualties is a fantasy.

                None of that has anything to do with wether or not this war SHOULD be fought.

                • “The notion that this war could be fought with lower civilian casualties is a fantasy.” – Only for you and those who can’t even consider a lesser onslaught.

                  Look, you’ve proclaimed your bias against the people of Gaza plenty. We’re not going to agree and I’m not doing another back and forth with you, especially since you announced you were leaving here a while back….. Sorry, Alex, but I’m not.

                    • Both articles are extremely general assessments of the overall evolution of war fighting. However, neither article speaks to the use of technology in close quarters urban warfare, which is what we are talking about. You cherry picking one sentence without full context which requires a far more complex analysis is ridiculous. Yes, collateral damage overall in gulf war 2 was reduced through targeted smart munitions, however, that was not the case in an urban warfare close combat setting. Again, look at the battle for Mosul. Or are you saying that the US military made a decision to reduce civilian casualties in some areas by using technology and decided not to use technology to reduce civilian casualties in other areas. No, urban warfare is its own animal, particularly against a guerrilla force which is embedded into and uses civilians as cover.

                      Again, you said “we have the tech to achieve results without butchering and burning civilians.”

                      No, not in urban war fighting. If you are talking about aerial combat, naval warfare, or even ground warfare in an open area where you can engage an enemy clearly and without the presence of civilians, sure.

                      But, guerrilla fighters such as Hamas can not engage militarily in that fashion, or they won’t survive. They must operate within chaotic environment filled with potential civilian casualties to blunt their lack of force parity.

                    • No, ALEX, what is ridiculous is that you still honestly believe it’s a “total lie” that urban warfare hasn’t changed since WWII to allow for less civilian casualties. Unless you can prove me wrong, I think we’re done here on this topic.

                      Technology has advanced. Precision weapons have advanced. Intelligence has advance. Civilian deaths have decreased. There’s really nothing more I can say.

                    • Okay, Sac, is this you needing the last word? Or do you want to again claim that I have no regard for innocent civilians as your last word? That’s where you typically end up.

                    • “Again, you said “we have the tech to achieve results without butchering and burning civilians.”

                      Yes, and again, I said that in YOU are the one hinging on guerilla warfare and cherry picked my argument against RUBAYAIT’s statement about carpet bombing and fire bombing. YOU made this about your idea. I never once said anything about house to house combat, although I do believe even urban warfare as your so bent on has changed and evolved since WWII.

                      I don’t know what kind of proof you need to see that we’ve made tech advances since then, but again, it’s irrelevant to my original statement.

                    • ALEX – the last word should be, “Oh, I see now, you were referring to fire and carpet bombing not to urban warfare as I presumed and began arguing against.”

                      No last word needed. And no, I don’t think you don’t care about the people of Gaza. You’re not an awful person, just a little difficult LOL

                    • A “total lie” that “there is technology which has changed urban warfare (since WWII) and makes it possible to spare civilians???”

                      Seriously? A “total lie?” How to prove that technology has advanced and allowed for less collateral damage…. Hmmmm…..

                      “This new war was fought with precision weapons with minimal collateral damage and with vastly improved means of real-time information, surveillance and target acquisition. ” https://ciaotest.cc.columbia.edu/olj/sa/sa_99anv02.html


                      I mean seriously, how can you honestly believe there has been no technology since WWII that has made collateral damage less. Seriously, what a weirdly insane thing to demand proof of.

                • “You’re saying that counterintelligence has advanced to the point that the Israeli military can determine where combatants are and where civilians are in an urban warfare setting?” – No, ALEX, YOU are saying that.

                  Please re-read my comment above in response to RUBAIYAT.

              • General Armchair is watching too many James Bond movies.

                You don’t just find out who the target is, and then send in a kill team. It’s not like Hollywood makes it out to be and Alex is 100% right that combat has not changed much. It’s like the “we don’t do trenches anymore” while Russia and Ukraine are using it plenty and so did we in the Middle East.

  5. Another element of the protestations that seems to be missing is this: Where is the call for other Arab states to accept/help Palestinians? Jordan, by way of example (among others), has a large Palestinian population, many of whom have been granted citizenship over the years.

    The silence from among the Arab states who are affected by this war is both deafening and palpable.

    Where are the protesters delivering a much-needed harangue to these States!?

    Food for thought in this emotional discussion.

    • Talking about other states taking in Palestinians who should be allowed to stay alive in their own country misses the point. You could also advocate for welcoming Palestinian refugees in the USA, if you sincerely cared about that–no reason to single out Arab states. Funding for your refugee idea in the USA would be a better use of our tax dollars than funding the mass killing of Palestinians by Israel. No one is stopping you from advocating for that.

    • Jordan has zero interest in helping the Palestinian people, in fact they killed around 25,000 Palestinians who were agitating and organizing against the Jordanian kingdom.

      The Arab states and neighbors have never, ever, truly cared about the Palestinian people as anything other than poker chips and puppets in their proxy wars against Israel and the USA.

      • So what? Why is it Jordan’s responsibility? All this is just trying to blame other Muslim countries and ignoring the cause of the mass death, homelessness and starving children. I don’t see the point.

        Protesters are asking for an end to the killing, not for people to take in refugees.

        • Nah, it’s pointing out the double standard. When the Jordanian kingdom killed 25k PLO no one really gave a shit.

          When Iraq and Iran killed a million people no one really gave a shit.

          When Syria murders hundreds of thousands of their own people no one gives a shit.

          When there is mass murder, ethnic cleansing and mass rape rape in Sudan and 25 million people are CURRENTLY facing starvation no one really gives a shit.

          Where are the protesters? Oh right, no Israel involved.

          And yeah, I will absolutely cast a certain amount of blame on Muslim countries which have funded and armed this war because they won’t or can’t take on Israel or the US directly. The fact is, if these puppet master nations wanted a sustainable peace and two state solution for the Palestinian people this could have happened decades ago.

          And also I oppose the Netanyahu government, I oppose Israeli settler extremists, I oppose the current ground war in Gaza.

          • “And also I oppose the Netanyahu government, I oppose Israeli settler extremists, I oppose the current ground war in Gaza.” – Good to hear.

            Blame the Arab countries all you want, but it doesn’t change what’s going on in Gaza and that’s been my point. Glad we agree on that.

          • It would be hard to pressure universities to divest from Jordan, Iraq, Iran, etc. when they weren’t contributing money to them in the first place. Israel, on the other hand, universities do fund in part, the US funds and arms. There is actually some sense of responsibility in the case of Israel. Essentially the student protests want divestment so that their hands can be clean, like they are with the states you mentioned.

          • Yes it is kind of shocking how no one nearby will offer much help to the Palestinian people. One of the stated reasons Egypt and Jordan refuse to take Palestinian refugees even on a temporary basis is that they think that Israel will never allow them back into Gaza or anywhere else in their borders.

            The Palestinian population has been a punching bag for decades by everyone in the Middle East, starting first and worst with Israel. Israeli “settlers’ have been forcefully taking over Palestinian homes, schools, orchards and farmland since the 1980s. They have reduced them to second class citizenship by taking away many rights, and have not seriously tried getting along in almost half a century. This conflict did not start in October of 2023

            • You need to be honest about the fact that the neighboring states believe that the Palestinians are a threat to their internal stability. So, yes, the public stance is that Gazans should not leave the area, and but he way I agree with that, however the reality of the agenda is more complex. When Jordan killed 25,000 members of the PLO and then transferred their population to Lebanon the PLO became a prime reason for the ensuing Lebanese Civil War. Egypt backed the PLO against King Hussein, on, and on, and on.

  6. It’s baffling how blatantly and casually Republicans lie even at the highest level.

    They’re preparing to impeach Biden for his pause in arm shipments to Israel “if they don’t stop all operations with Hamas.” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-gop-drafting-biden-impeachment-articles-israel-aid-cutoff-threat

    Absolute lie. Biden has never once said that. The pause is due SOLELY to the incursion into Rafah, which the entire world is against, given it’s densely populated with innocent civilians. In no use of the English language or elementary logic, could it honestly be taken as a condition of cessation of “all operations with Hamas.” Biden has stated this ad nauseum and yet a Republican leader has twisted and invented language to base this impeachment effort upon.

    One can more easily see now how the wildly false misinformation being thrown around by the GOP leads all the way down to those posting lies and hate online.

    Misinformation, coupled with critical reasoning skills (thanks to poor education), is what is causing so much division on this and every other political topic. This needs to end.

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