County Public Health Updates to COVID-19 Guidance

By the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is following the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated guidance for residents. With the end to California’s COVID-19 state of emergency, state health officials have announced updates to several pandemic-era public health orders and guidelines related to vaccines, masking, isolation and quarantine will take effect in the coming days and weeks. We want to remind the public that critical tools to fight COVID-19 remain available to everyone at low or no cost. This includes access to COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and treatment.

CHANGES: CDPH is making the following changes to existing COVID-19 guidance.

Masking in High-risk and Health Care Settings

Beginning April 3, masks will no longer be required in indoor high-risk and health care settings. This includes health care, long-term care, and correctional facilities as well as homeless, emergency, and warming and cooling centers. This change takes effect on Monday, April 3 to allows individual health care facilities to develop and implement plans customized to their needs and local conditions to continue to protect residents through the end of the winter virus season. Recommendations for the use of face masks for individuals remain unchanged. See masking guidance. ​CDPH OSHA

Vaccine Requirements for Health Care Workers

Beginning April 3, with federal rules continuing to ensure that most health care workers remain vaccinated for COVID-19, the state will no longer require vaccination for health care workers including those in adult care, direct care, correctional facilities, and detention centers. This change takes effect on Monday, April 3 facilities to develop and implement plans customized to their needs and local conditions to continue to protect residents through the end of the winter virus season. CDPH  OSHA

Reduced Isolation Time After Positive COVID-19 Test

Beginning March 13, a COVID-19 positive person may end isolation after five days if they feel well, have improving symptoms, and are fever-free for 24 hours, with less emphasis on testing negative. This change aligns with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and CDPH recommendations and takes effect today Monday, March 13. CDPH OSHA

RESOURCES REMAIN AVAILABLE: Access to Vaccines, Testing and Treatment

COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and treatment continue to be available through providers and some pharmacies and at some sites within local communities. Visit MyTurn to find services in your area. Individuals who are uninsured or can’t get timely treatment can call 833-686-5051 or visit

Additional Resources

Note: One big change that will impact schools is reduced isolation time for individuals recovering from COVID-19. Beginning March 13, a person who has tested positive needs to isolate at home for just five days rather than 10 — regardless of testing — as long as they’re feeling well, have improving symptoms and are fever-free for 24 hours. 

SBC Public Health

Written by SBC Public Health

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  1. President Trump spearheaded operation Warp Speed, which saved many millions of lives. Love him or hate him, there’s a very good chance he (Trump) saved your life and the lives of many whom you love. Give it a break and look at it objectively and at least be person enough to admit many of us are here today due to his forward thinking. Think about it…..

    • BABYCAKES – ” there’s a very good chance he (Trump) saved your life” … “admit many of us are here today due to his forward thinking.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH absolute BS. His JOB was to push for this. He only did it after he KILLED hundreds of thousands by telling them it was a hoax, go to work, don’t wear masks, don’t get vaxxed, etc etc.. Dude, it’s like praising Stalin because he didn’t kill every single person. Thank you comrade Stalin for letting my family live! Dude you are in a land of make believe. Is Mr. Rogers there too?

    • No denying that the vaccine was brought forth very/very quickly via Operation Warp Speed, which no one is denying was green-lighted and promoted by the previous president/administration. Only doing his job…yeah, I’ll buy that. Not sure of the reason why anyone wants to praise and thank Stalin for not killing every single person…maybe it has something to do with something….I dunno, but nothing to do with the life-saving vaccine and/or the speed by which it was brought about. “Make believe” would be the exact opposite of what my comment said….possibly a misread?

  2. Sacjon
    Spanish Flu virus killed 21Million back when world population was 7 times smaller than it is today.
    Small pox is caused by a virus and killed 300 -500 Million people in the 20th century
    The USA was losing 8% of its population per year to small pox (yes it is caused be a virus) before the first vaccine was given officially in 1800. During the Revolutionary War soldiers would run a thread through a dead persons smallpox pustule, cut their left hand and embed the pus covered thread into the cut as a very primitive vaccine

    • EDNEY – The world is a MUCH different place now than back then. But, what we DID learn, we tried to use but people like you refused to be “told” what to do – masks, washing hands, keeping distance, avoiding crowds, etc.
      Also, COVID wasn’t “Spanish Flu” or “Small Pox,” hence the name – “novel virus,” so you get an “F-” on your “analogy.”

  3. VOR – in a few bullet points and without using the past three years to help you. What and why would you have done three years ago if you were the President? Yeah, mistakes were made. Flying by the seats of their pants – what would you do? And again from my post above – who do you trust? Besides yourself?

  4. I find the counterarguments to VOR’s comments odd because it means people don’t just skip past them, which is the sensible thing to do. There are forums where such propagandists are effective and he might have been here once but no longer–he’s burned every credibility bridge.

  5. This is worth reposting, a lot of words being throw around here but no one seems to acknowledge what caused so many, many here, to be so wrong about what the actual “science” was and what the fear mongering hysteria was (not science). It’s important to acknowledge why and how they were so wrong to avoid it happening again in the future. This erroneous assumption lead to polices that had disastrous consequences we’ll be feeling for generations to come. “41% of Democrats thought if you got covid odds of having to go to the hospital were over 50%, another 28% of Democrats who thought the odds were between 20-49%? The correct answer was between 1 and 5%” That means nearly 70% had an incredibly inaccurate and skewed view regarding the dangers of covid.

    • “disastrous consequences we’ll be feeling for generations to come” – ugh, I’m going to regret this, but what? What disastrously consequences will we feel? “PTSD” from having to wear a mask during a global pandemic? Seems pretty normal to me.
      A lot of the responses (eg, school) were warranted at the time given the knowledge they had at the time, so please don’t lump in those with your “fear mongering hysteria” policies.

    • Covid didn’t shut business down, covid didn’t close schools, covid didn’t print massive amounts of stimulus, covid didn’t lie to the people about the origins of the virus, it’s mortality rate, covid didn’t deceive the public in the efficacy of the vaccines, or mask. The loss of trust in public health was entirely their fault, pure hubris in thinking they knew what’s best 300+ million Americans so lying and deceiving the public was a-okay if it got people to do what they wanted – hubris. Why you carry water and place so much (misguided) trust in bureaucrats and politicians is beyond me.

    • I’m ignoring nothing, just asked. Of course, you answered incorrectly. Everything you cite would have happened regardless. It was a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Stuff got shut down, no one knew what to do other than keep people away from each other, given the contagious nature of the NOVEL virus. So, NO, it wasn’t “fear mongering” that caused this, it was straight up, legitimate FEAR.
      “loss of trust in public health officials/FDA/CDC and Big Pharma, and further divisiveness in society” – that was ENTIRELY on people like you, not the shut downs. That started from your leader and permeates its stink through to today. Look at yourself for example. I still trust medical experts. Do you?
      I had a little hope you had something of substance, but the egg is on my face for thinking you’d do anything but use you’re hindsight glasses to continue to complain about how we reacted to a rapidly spreading, deadly virus. I’m sure you would have done much better at it. LOL. Ok, I’m done. Keep on a’ cryin’

    • Again, you’re ignoring why your assumptions on the harms of covid were so incredibly off, but to answer your question: loss of learning in children, development issues with young kids, increased drug abuse, mental health issues, and suicides, massive increase in income inequality / wealth gap, record inflation resulting for the massive stimulus needed to counter the anti-scientific and arbitrary business shutdowns, further destruction of the middle class, negative health outcomes due to missed or delayed medical treatment/diagnosis’s, loss of trust in public health officials/FDA/CDC and Big Pharma, and further divisiveness in society – all without any meaningful benefit.

  6. Science™ : The UK and many other European nations have ended the covid shots for those under 50, yet our FDA just approved a 4th booster shot for INFANTS, for a variant that no longer exists, for a virus that never affected them, based off a trial of 24 participants. AND there is still a big push to get the covid shots added to the childhood immunization schedule (what does immunization mean again?) . That’s public health in the US. (brought to you by Pfizer, we appreciate your business).

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