California Valley Wildflowers

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By John Wiley

California Valley was starting to bloom yellow when flew by a few days ago. Painted Rock is fascinating as usual, and Soda Lake has water. The hills along the San Andreas Fault combined blossoms with shadows and a soft cloud topping. Undulations in the valley floor wore a burst of colors amid iridescent blue haze. Across the mountains toward Santa Ynez Valley we wondered if anyone visits a grand sandstone rock formation.

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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  1. As owners of 10 acres just off of Soda Lake Rd. not far from the Elkhorn Scarp I can assure you that when we are up there the sound of a small plane flying over for maybe 1 to 2 minutes max is not bothersome. Are you complainers hiking in or part of the multitude of tourists churning up the dust on the hour and 10 minute drive to the Visitors Center or even the campground. Last super bloom it is was gridlock on Soda Lake, Panorama and Elkhorn Rds. So if Johns’ photos are a foreboding of what’s coming you’ll find more peace and solitude elsewhere unless you camp ( very limited ) at KLC or Selby and up before the hordes from Taft, Maricopa and Cuyama early starting points get there.

  2. Wilderness, solitude, getting away from it all…NOPE there’s that annoying mechanical mosquito joyriding through the sky spewing unnecessary greenhouse gases and noise to intrude on some of the quietest moments of your lifetime. Disturbance of the peace of this special place is so inconsiderate and selfish.
    You might have a relic mindset if you spend your week doing aimless Sunday drives that haven’t been a thing since the 50’s. This is not the action of someone who truly cares about our beautiful planet.

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