Cachuma Lake on Sunday

Cachuma Lake (Courtesy)

Fishing Derby, beautiful weather and music what a wonderful day at Cachuma Lake on Sunday. We sat in chairs here on the grass listening to the band right behind us.

The water level is so high! Cachuma Lake is back to its full beauty.

A proud fisher man reported their boat caught the fish of the day at over 6 lbs.


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  1. The lake was nice on Sunday. Beautiful weekend up there. The Nature Center Trout Derby didn’t get to stock trout this year, however. They were shafted by the CA DFW and US Fish and Wildlife managers who apparently feel that stocked trout can get washed over the spillway and interbreed with native steelhead.

      • ANON – agreed. Weird that a former USFS employee and supposed outdoor buff wouldn’t appreciate the effort to preserve an endangered species. Honestly, one of the strangest people I’ve come across. A doctor who, not only opposes pandemic health measures, but insults and belittles those who use them. A captain who doesn’t know what an artificial reef is. A forest service worker who is ambivalent about endangered species. A true conundrum!

            • Not always. More importantly though, it’s not just about breading with the steelhead, it’s about preserving their habitat and reducing competition for food or even preying on fingerling steelhead. Pretty great that the DFW puts the thought and care into this to preserve our endangered steelhead.

              • LOL no, BASIC. You were ONLY complaining about the DFW worrying about them breeding. Read your own words again:

                “They were shafted by the CA DFW and US Fish and Wildlife managers who apparently feel that stocked trout can get washed over the spillway and interbreed with native steelhead.”

                “The stocker trout are infertile. They are bred that way. It’s a thing. Hence the lack of thought involved in the decision. The steelhead cannot interbreed with these stocked trout.”

                Despite your fixation on breeding, there are multiple VALID reasons to protect those endangered fish. Simple stuff, “Doc USFS”

                You’re “way ahead of” nothing but your own backpedaling.

    • I didn’t hear about it this year but ,I think it was 4-20,21 of this year so already over.
      Wonder if you could use pot gummies for bait.

      I guess no planting this year.
      Triploids can’t breed with the Steelies.
      If the want to help the Steelies get a hold in that lake, your gonna have quite the challenge getting permission to kill all the Nonlocals – Bass, Perch etc in the Santa Ynez River watershed.

  2. I hear ya. But remember that getting kids and families outdoors to catch their first fish is a great thing, and the “science” behind the agencies’ decision isn’t just wrong, it’s actually non-existent. The reservoir itself isn’t natural either.

    • BASIC – it’s not about the reservoir (Lake Cachuma), it’s about the endangered steelhead downstream from the dam in the Santa Ynez river.

      Just because you don’t understand the science (it’s honestly common sense though), doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As a biology major, I’m surprised you don’t understand this.

      And the Trout Derby wasn’t cancelled, so spare the whole “first fish” thing. If you’re running out of things to complain about, I can send you a list.

      • If you care about our local Steelies start with all the watersheds in Goleta and Santa Barbara.
        We used to catch them in San Jose creek and others when we were kids.
        All that water is tapped upstream for water to irrigate or well for drinking so don’t expect to see one in those south co creeks.

        We were careful not to make them bleed since they are Hemophiliacs.
        The few we did cause to bleed, were eaten.
        Not Salmon but pretty good.

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