Springs, Falls & Serenity

Springs, Falls & Serenity (Photo: John Wiley)

Flying SB is always different. For example, these rites of Spring on the new SBHS stadium.

Memories of magnificent Fall colors around town from prior flights vanished as we cruised the IV cliffs near SBA.

Don’t some of these dwellings seem quite precarious?

So many have old concrete slabs protruding beyond new low fences, that a fresh student uneducated on bluff instability could end up surfing a slab piece down to the beach.

The pair of beige-roofed units have tall fences at the building end of a slab, that is unfenced out at the bluff edge. Can you enlarge to see that detail? Hopefully nobody goes through a door or window between fences out to the open slab.

I once tented on the beach bluffs at San Elijo, and for some reason the surf sound made for glorious technicolor dreams. Relaxing into those memories is easier looking back at Coal Oil Point from the air. Have you ever caught a brief glimpse from an airliner?
Devereux Slough from above merges into memories of strolls there for further relaxation as IV recedes into the distance.

Back on the ground these views merge into memory as I glance up toward Spring mist caressing our stately mountains and imagine a serene perspective soaring on feathered wings.

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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