Up Before the Storm

Shades of green (Photo by John Wiley)

Just before the latest storm series arrived, I took off for a quick tour of town from above.

Initially planning to head West for a look at that coast, we started enjoying shades of green as contrast to recent drought years.

Near the NW side of SBA we were thrilled by this view [above]. I’ve pumped the colors to show it more like what we saw, compared with the camera’s “eye” view. Also to accentuate all the shades of green already brought by rain.

Looking to the West, it was obvious that light rain was already falling there adding a misty perspective that nudged us to turn right and head East instead. Even the closer part of this view was hazy so the greens were muted. Still, note the deeper green along the near coast.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Next we got a nice view of the San Marcos Foothills Preserve (end of entrance road at bottom-right, 154 up to the left). Wonderful how it’s greening and to see the trail layout from this perspective.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Having gone to a concert a while back, we enjoyed looking at the SB Bowl below APS.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Next a glimpse of this debris basin ready to hopefully contain what’s to come in the next few days.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Then we checked out progress on the new Montecito traffic circles.

(Photo by John Wiley)
(Photo by John Wiley)

With rain showing up on radar and closing in on SBA we headed back, and got this view of the Hugette estate (hopefully public some day, as she wished) & bird refuge.

Our friends Bob & Catherine Zitzer slumber in the cemetery next door, and seem to whisper hello when we pass this way recalling visits to their graves.

(Photo by John Wiley)

The zoo looks lovelier than ever.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Somehow the harbor breakwater seemed to be an outstretched arm sheltering boats from the threatening atmospheric river, already nibbling and testing.

(Photo by John Wiley)

In the soft light below solid overcast, the Mission seemed especially magnificent.

(Photo by John Wiley)

Nearing SBA in a gentle descent, our trusty little magic carpet seemed to be anticipating being tied down with a protective cover in place. In a quiet moment before landing we enjoyed seeing Hope Ranch and the golf course such a peaceful green.

(Photo by John Wiley)

If you’ve never taken an aerial tour of SB, we hope you call one of the local companies providing them and arrange to go while the green is so luscious.

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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