Water Issues on the Westside?

By an edhat reader

Are other edhat readers having issues with water on the Westside? It’s a little murky and might have been shut off earlier today but without any notice.

Update by another edhat reader

Water main break on 1100 block W Valerio, street undermined and concrete separated from asphalt, water visible under cracks, water gushing,  traffic diverted,  police presence,  neighbors without water pressure.

Edhat Staff

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  1. Well lets see – the biggest fire in CA history has burned just up the road from us – will our water taste like BBQ now for a while? Maybe be murky at times? Get a water filter or better yet move to a safer state (aka) your birthplace!

  2. I am sure that private contractors would have done a better job (sarcasm). 777, your hostility to working people making a decent living and being offered a decent retirement distorts the reliability of any reported observation you make.

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