Weird Wind Event?

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Did anyone else feel that sudden burst of cold swirling wind a few minutes ago on the Westside? This was around 5pm (Monday).

It was pretty powerful for about 10 minutes.

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  1. lol it’s not a microburst….just a short rain shower. other places get it frequently. just not us. 🙂 i watched it move from the north east to the coast line. drenched us at SBCC for 5 minutes then moved outward to the channel.
    when a storm moves in, it’s displacing… air. that pressure, when it moves into an area, causes the winds. there is always a slight wind, or heavy, right before and usually a little after a squall hits.
    this is very common at sea. we live on the edge of the sea 🙂

    • oh cool, someone on edhat downv’d a logical response. geeeeeeeeee….that’s unusual here. funny when you provide facts and logic, educational information that is relevant to a thread, you get a big fat DV.
      keep sticking your collective heads in the sand.
      fyi, being a sailor, i’ve taken several meteorological courses.

  2. That WAS an odd wind event. I noticed it as well. I think it came up from the southeast. Lots of swirling wind. Junk was flying around everywhere on 101 through town when we came up from the south – trash, leaves, random debris. Unstable air.

  3. We have a giant 80′ Eucalyptus tree out front. I was sitting in the living room, glanced out our picture window and —– out of nowhere —– the tree branches started whipping around like crazy. Hmm . . . No wind predicted. Then, just like that: the wind just stopped. Okay. That was weird. About 10 minutes later, my housemate comes running in from the backyard: “Rain! It’s pouring rain1” The rain quit after only a minute or so . Lower Riviera.

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