Protest in front of Raytheon?

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There are about 50 people in front of Raytheon protesting something.

There are a bunch of Palestinian flags and protest signs. I went by there about 8 AM.

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    • Well, who do you think made all the weapons for the Hamas murder and rape spree at the beginning of this current pile of shit war?
      Goleta was a huge tech before tech was big.
      I rode my skateboard down the Lunar Rover man made hill that was at the west end of the western end of the runway.
      Was that a bad thing as well?
      SBRC, Raytheon, Delco et all basically made SB what is is today.
      Palestine is a Terrorist state and collateral damage is their own fault for attacking Israel time and time again.
      When Israel responds that’s bad?
      I liken to it to an employee of mine that had a wife that would say “Look how he abuses me” as she was punching him and he is arms up and not retaliating because he did nothing to start the conflict.
      It was only meant to put the blame on an innocent person, or in this case a country that has been attacked time and time again all thru history.

      Shouldn’t they respond to a bully just like in grade school?
      Kick their ass or continue to be bullied.
      I have tried to like you on this forum, but sadly you keep making my argument.

      • TNKY – its barbaric to say the tens of thousands of dead Palestinian children are at fault. Disgusting really.

        As for this historically incorrect “bully” scenario…. read a history book. This has never been a one-sided issue.

        “I have tried to like you on this forum, but sadly you keep making my argument.” – LOL yeah right. Do tell us, what’s your “argument?”

      • I totally disagree with your statement that “Palestine is a terrorist state”. The Israeli government (=Netenyahu – is he not a dictator at this point?) has taken the stand that it’s ok to kill and maim thousands of innocent civilians in his effort to take on Hamas, the terrorists.

        I don’t think there’s ANY way to justify that strategy. I also believe that Netenyahu should be tried someday for genocide. Not kidding.

  1. Hamas is a terrorist organization as defined by the US government. I thank Israel for trying to extinguish them. War is messy and actions have consequences. Send the protesters who aren’t US citizens back to their own countries.

    Too much empathy is ruining our country.

    • DAVID – “Too much empathy?” Damn. I feel for anyone in your charge. That’s just sad.

      Yeah, Hamas is terrible and must be destroyed, but tens of thousands of innocent children and women and elderly is not just “messy,” it’s barbaric.

      What’s ruining our great nation is people like you who think wanting justice, equality, and peace is somehow “weak” or in some way un-American. It’s not. Suppressing dissidence and encouraging the killing of civilians IS the exact opposite of what our Founding Fathers stood for. Go back to China.

    • David, the Colonial Americans were a terrorist organization as defined by the British. Should we announce our revisiting the Revolution and forsaking our independence? Don’t be so naive as to simply cite labels. What Israel is doing in Gaza and the West Bank and elsewhere in their “Jewish State” is in violation of international law which is more significant than a US political decision to call Hamas a terrorist organization. (I might add also that the British called the original Zionist groups that were infiltrating and occupying Palestine terrorists as well.)

    • What is the comparison here? Japan and Germany started WWII, Israel started the occupation of Palestine and the removal and segregation of the non-Jewish people in that land. The forces that fight against Israel in this venue are not the aggressors. That said, yes, Hamas has done awful things but counting the number of dead you will find that the Palestinian’s have a hugely disproportionate number of deaths at the hands of the IDF and the Israeli settlers over the decades.

        • RUBAIYAT – I was answering your question about aid to Germany and Japan. Yes, I hope we give Gaza aid after essentially carpet bombing most of it into rubble. The people of Gaza didn’t start this war. They shouldn’t be punished with death and mutilation by the tens of thousands.

          Any plan for Gaza after this must be acceptable and not include Israeli rule over the area. It’s time for the oppressed and brutalized Palestinians to have their own state. Any continued oppression by Israel will just keep the cycle of death spinning.

  2. “Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down traffic Monday morning on the Golden Gate Bridge, on Interstate 880 in Oakland and in other cities across the country, to demand that world leaders push for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.”
    NY Times CA newsletter

  3. I’m curious what others here (please no trolls) think about what USC has done regarding the Muslim American young woman who’s valedictorian speech is being cancelled?

    This war has truly given rise to some serious issues in our world and now our own Constitution. It will be fodder for university classes, including law school, for years to come.

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