Scanner Reports 12-18-17

By Roger the Scanner Guy

SaTURDay Morning I woke up to the heavy odor of smoke opening my eyes, I was level with a fire on the hillside in Montecito, it looked large and I thought if the wind picked up we might be in trouble. I got out of bed, grabbed a scanner and went out in the yard, the wind was lightly blowing in a Sundowner type wind. I saw a larger fire high up on the ridge, the wind started getting stronger. I went back in the house and turned on 3 of my scanners. I was watching the fire on top when I noticed the smoke moving quickly to my left on top at the end, the smoke was moving funnel like and realized there must be a Fire Storm on top of the hill.

Then I heard fire alarm reports going off on Mountain Drive, one address given was the same address of a recent burglary. I went back into the house got on Edhat and started to post. Suddenly there was fire being reported all over the Montecito area, I went back outside there was thick black smoke blowing West and heavy wet ash falling all around me. One of the neighbors came out we talked about it for a bit then he went back in. The wind was blowing harder and there was more smoke, the smoke looked as if it was going out to Sea. A lot of it was coming into the yard it looked as if the fire on the other side of the freeway might too then Jim came out and said we might have to evacuate because of the smoke. I was starting to hack. COPD and Asthma is not a good Combo near a fire, Jim was starting to lose his voice we both returned to our cottages to pack that was when I heard a Firefighter yell “We are being overrun by the Fire GET OUT!” And that is why I posted what I did.

I packed way too much junk and by the time I was ready to move the smoke was starting to clear a bit but evacuations were taking place and responders were helping residents “Get Out!” A neighbor said he heard someone calling for help but there was no one where he heard the voice coming from, he showed me where he heard the voice and it was in the general location of where my girlfriend passed away. I searched our yard and the neighbors yard for someone needing help and found no one, at that point I decided that even if I had to go I wouldn’t and said so on Facebook. One of my relatives saw that as a suicide attempt and called the police on me….ASSHAT! 4:30AM SUNday morning the police were at my door. First good sleep I have had in days I was questioned “Do I want to Hurt Myself, Did I want to hurt myself, Why would I not Evacuate, Do I want to Hurt someone? Will I hurt Someone? Did I want to Hurt Someone?” I was thinking of the neighbors WOODCHIPPERS…..But Saying “No of course not why would I do that?” Then I said “We’re not even in the evacuation zone, Why do I have to evacuate?” I was told one of my Family members was worried about me and thought I might try to hurt myself….Great Thanks for caring enough to wake me up when I was sleeping. I’m still trying to figure out how not evacuating from a non-evacuation zone is a suicide attempt. Seriously though when I hear Suicide calls on the Scanner I hear all kinds of weird ways people want to commit suicide but I have never heard “Suicide by non evacuation.”

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:

  • Heard Suicide attempt by Hanging but not an address call was a County call.
  • 415 Domestic 400 Block of North Voluntario.
  • Injured Wolf or Coyote in the roadway Bradley Dip.
  • 10851 Stolen Auto from Paseo Robles seen in Guadalupe.
  • Burglary to a shed on Ballard Canyon.
  • Neighbor blowing ash on Catherdral Lane
  • Report of a female having a mental breakdown at Social Services 300 Block of Camino Del Remedio.
  • Medical call 100 Block of East Micheltorena.
  • Leaf blower blowing ash call did not say where but they were not responding to those calls.
  • On Brown Road 459 Burglary to a vehicle.
  • Report of 4 Subjects in a creek bed off North San Marcos having a BBQ near a tent.
  • 7400 Block of highway 166 Dumpster Fire.
  • Subjects running behind Rays Liquor on San Andres carrying an unknown object 1400 Block.
  • Report of a fire in an orchard on North San Marcos Road turned out to be a bulldozer kicking up dust.
  • Black road at highway one vehicle accident.
  • Theft from 7-11 on Hollister 5700 Block.
  • Drunk in Isla Vista.
  • Small fire at Joes Café on State street 536 State street.
  • Never heard a location but it was in the County area 60 Year old man beating up his older brothers with a baseball bat.
  • Shoplifting incident turned into a Robbery, then a vehicle pursuit it all started at Buena Tool 431 Laguna.
  • Suspicious circumstances and Traumatic injury causing a Death in the 1200 Block of Bath street.
  • Suspicious Circumstances involving a theft at Starbucks 539 State street.
  • Audible 459 Burglary alarm 900 Block of Miramonte.
  • Fight or Food Fight plates thrown at the Bridge house on Swinny Road.
  • Vehicle accident on Hollister near Marketplace Air Bags Deployed, one injury.
  • Overdue subject who went to the DMV to buy a Ford Truck but never returned missing since noon last known location the DM  on Castillo a female UNknown if she ever returned home.
  • Oil Tanker Flipped Over highway 101 Northbound at Turnpike When I first heard this I was sleeping in my chair and thought they were talking about a boat in the Channel.
  • Report of 4 Subjects fighting 500 Block of State Street.
  • Overdose 2300 Block of Banner.
  • Possible Child Abuse case GVCH.


Scanner Reports Saturday

  • Medical call for an ill subject 1300 Block of Kowalski.
  • Burglary at Lito’s restaurant.
  • Vandalism at the Harbor View Inn 28 West Cabrillo.
  • Vegetarian Fire 1100 Block of East Mountain threatening a structure.
  • Fire alarms going off on East Mountain.
  • Vegetation Fire threatening structures 1000 Block of East Mountain Drive. City of Montecito on Fire.
  • Report of Palm trees on Fire on East Mountain Drive.
  • New command Post set up Parking lot of Sears 3845 State street.
  • Started hearing Mandatory Evacuations,….Then the power went out and Audible alarms went off all over the place it started getting very smoky at this point huge ashes raining down We were contemplating making a run for it two of our small communities families left. Started hearing evacuation assistance Los Canalos 2200 Block, 400 Block of Hot Springs, hear there was a fire in Sycamore Creek.
  • 100 Block of Oceano 415 Room Mates one threatening the other with a bottle.
  • A Son who was UI on Meth ripped off Mom and Dads car First Block of East Arrellaga.
  • 415 Drunk at the Bus Stop Milpas at Montecito.- Medical call Anacapa at Islay.
  • Someone had a Felony warrant I think it was the Drunk guy at Milpas and Montecito.
  • Burglary which turned out to be firemen in the 900 Block of Buena Vista Drive doing structure protection.
  • Vehicle accident Cathedral Oaks at Hollister vehicle vs pedestrian.
  • Reckless Range Rover exited highway 101 at Carrillo “XTV8??” 300 Block of 5th street medical call seizures.
  • 13 Year old kid trying to runaway from the 800 Block of Spring street.
  • Domestic 800 Block of San Pascual.
  • Medical call unconscious subject 500 Block of Monroe.
  • Large Potty 600 Block of West Cota.
  • Suicidal subject stabbed himself 1300 Block ofNorth Rail Road.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject down Chapala at DLG.


Scanner Reports Sunday

  • 1145 Suicidal Brother who did not want to evacuate and may want to hurt himself or others  at 4:30 in the morning so lets go wake his Ass up and get him committed. Whew! That was close what I did not tell them is I figured if the Fire was gonna get me I might as well eat chocolate and cookies so I ate someones Christmas president 200 Block of South Milpas.
  • 1000 Block of Castillo 459 Burglary to a vehicle.
  • Keep the Peace while a subject picks up property 2000 Block of Oak street.
  • Traumatic injury 6700 Block of Abrego in I.V.
  • Suspicious circumstances at Cottage hospital.
  • 5000 Block of Rhoads Ave illegal burn Smoke check.
  • Reckless or a drunk driver East Bound on Anapamu from Garden street.
  • CHP requesting a mobil SBSO unit to assist residents in the area of Foothill and Mission Canyon Areas.
  • A subject was threatening to kill his Room Mate if his room mate did not give him money. That is never a good idea especially when you have some felony warrants out for your arrest 600 Block of West Junipero.
  • Transient refusing to leave the back door of CVS Pharmacy 1100 Block of State street.
  • Police escort requested San Ysidro at Jameson.
  • Drunk Son breaking restraining order refusing to leave 200 Block of West Cota he should head on down to the 200 Block of East Cota hit some AA Meetings.
  • Domestic female heard struggling 900 Block of Los Palmas, Hope Ranch.
  • 415 Subject refusing to leave 7 South Milpas.
  • Premises check Toro Road at Park Road.
  • Lazy Acres 415 Female in a black jeep blocking a male from getting out and yelling at him on Meggs Road I’m not posting her license number because I don’t want her coming after me.
  • Hippie Man in the Roadway flipping people off Long Hair wearing Flannel Miller at Main, “No it’s not me I only do that in the Milpas roundabout.
  • 415 Domestic 100 Block of Bodega Lane code 40 Father pounding on the window.
  • 415 Domestic over Evacuation 1200 Block of Liberty, I’m SNOT going anywhere.
  • Camper Camping at the Harborview Inn 28 West Cabrillo
  • LEAF BLOWER Noooooooooooooooo!  1100 Block of San Pascual, Wood Chipper!
  • Two Suspicious Subjects trying to gain access to vehicles Salinas at Eucalyptus Hill Road 2 HMA’s.


I’m still listening to the Pilots bombing hot spots up in the Hills the Firefighters and Responders Saved our Town once again Thank the Good Dog for them even those guys that woke me up this morning…I had to throw all my food away because of the power outages I got sick eating it so off it all went I’m munching cans of soup and ramen. I used to not like ramen but it tastes real good lately anyway Have a great MONday-MONday….Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, David Cox, Poe, Diana, Jim, Magruder, Don, Cory, Edwin, Marty, Cop John, Rambo, Sherry, Ricky, Bommy, Poppy, Patrick, Christy, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on WEDnesday. Later, Roger


Written by Roger

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