Police Pursuit Near Turnpike & Hollister

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Edhat readers report a large police response in the area of Turnpike Road and Hollister Ave on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Police pursuit down Hollister Ave around 3:30-3:45 p.m. Tuesday. Multiple police vehicles.
  • Evacuation of preschools and churches in the 4500 block of Hollister Ave due to police activity. Unclear what’s going on but parents are freaked out!
  • Six Sheriff’s Vehicles surrounding someone being handcuffed in the parking lot of the Living Faith Church at Auhay Dr. and Hollister Ave in Goleta.
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  1. The Santa Barbara County Sherrif’s Office NEEDS a proper Public Information Officer… WHERE is this person? Why aren’t they doing “blanket emails” to all the local internet and news contacts…? It’s 2024, it ain’t that hard…! For the insane amount of money the Sheriff’s cost Carp, Goleta, Buellton and Solvang, those customers deserve better service.

    • The Sheriff’s Office has a PIO but they can’t release information unless Big Billy gives them the green light. Perhaps it’s still under investigations but I agree that it’s complete BS if a preschool is being evacuated and the public is not informed. Really dangerous of the Sheriff’s Office.

  2. Eeesshhh… and doing all those bad things through school zones and getting arrested at the church?! *facepalm* less importantly is the added fines that are being tacked on.. but more importantly it’s the fact that obviously if both were being shut down they were both occupied, and those are places where people go to be able to feel safe… glad they were able to get them..

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