Trash Talking Industry

By John Wiley

“Trash talk” is a form of insult according to Wikipedia, and looking down on this one used to be easy. It was anything but clean decades ago.

Have you seen this small industrial building near town that’s earned recognition for its ecological engineering and practices? The second photo shows another building nearby doing different processes. The last pic is an overview of the whole operation that you support by paying for trash pickup.

A couple of days after ours was picked up, we looked down at it but couldn’t tell it was there. Having taken the tour out there a few years ago and being impressed even before the brief talk the guide provided, it’s almost unrecognizably even cleaner and more efficient now. Kudos to the leadership and crew out there for transforming this from “the dump” into a clean and efficient processing plant!

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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  1. This trash “processing plant” is hardly close to town. It is 25 miles out on the Gaviota Coast between two State Parks high above the ocean on a flattened mountain ridgeline. It is the most expensive public works project ever in the County. And it hasn’t stopped the ugly landfill from operating and it never will. All it will do is make you pay a lot more for your trash disposal. This project is the epidemy of a government boondoggle.

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