Reported Gunshots at Stevens Park

By an edhat reader

Several families awakened at 5:15am this morning to the sound of three gunshots coming from Stevens Park. Voices were heard near the entrance to the park. We called the City police at 7:30am, and by that time several homeowner calls had been received reporting the same incident. Calls from homes on Canon Drive and El Arco Drive. Apparently a cruiser was dispatched at some point — nothing was found.

Homeless people live in that park at times; also, the nearby area on State Street — close to the 7/11 — has gotten rough, and is beginning to feel like Big City unsafe and dirty: Cartel drug busts at some motels, many more severely physically and mentally ill people sleeping on sidewalks than before those motels were used to house homeless folk during the pandemic. One wonders if the Stevens Park gunshots are related.


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  1. I 100% confirm the gunshots. I was awoken straight out of my sleep and heard a single gunshot followed about 20 seconds later with another single gunshot. I looked at my watch and saw 5:15am. It came from the Steven’s Park direction, but I wasn’t close enough to hear the additional commotion. I ran by the park at 6:30am and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Unsettling to say the least. I hope our neighbors are okay.

  2. Anyone else just hear two different shots in the County building on Cathedral Oaks area? First sounded like it was near the County, second closer to Via Chaparral. Maybe those same crazies that were shooting at Stevens Park, now driving around endangering and annoying people or maybe just a backfiring car. Sounded more like a shotgun though.

  3. I live in the area. Stevens often has some sketchy folks there. For a time, there was a weird guy who would park his van and watch the playground. The bit about State though is just pure hyperbole. Its not as bad as much of upper state including alamar area, McKenzie part, etc. All of this area is quite safe, if sometimes uncomfortable to walk through and far less gross and unsafe than downtown these days.

  4. You hear gunshots at 5:15 and you wait over two hours to call the police? Why? Were you afraid of waking up the police too early? I guess you weren’t very concerned about the gunshots. But more concerned about complaining about the neighborhood around 7-11 and making unfounded accusations or “questions” about homeless people having guns.

  5. A friend heard the “shots” and said that it was fireworks and n-o-t gunfire. What someone would be doing at that time lighting off fireworks is beyond me, but someone might (as in could have, may have, possibly) training their dog for hunting. Not very likely though, but dog training in the early hours definitely does occur. So no need to stock up on meat just yet (we just bought a side of beef though….that’s the way to go if you like your meat!).

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