Police Response in San Roque Neighborhood

Update: Santa Barbara City Firefighters respond to a residential structure fire. Read the updated report here.

By an edhat reader

Police responded with lights and sirens (Code 3) to Grove Lane at 1:25 a.m. Thursday in the San Roque Neighborhood. A fire engine responded with lights and no siren shortly after.

A Police SUV left scene, with no lights or siren; drove down Grove toward State St. as I was on Grove looking for emergency lights, which I did not see. I heard one fire engine probably going down Ontare toward State, using siren, and another in past 1-2 minutes, also with brief use of siren. They wouldn’t use siren if they were going home to station (5 I think) at State & Ontare, next to Denny’s and gas station.

1 fire engine headed “home” at 2:03, second engine truck at 2:05.  Police sedan left the scene and drove down Grove at 2:07. Last fire engine went down Grove at 2:10 a.m. Fire engine down Grove at 3:34. Maybe they were checking up on those affected.

This is a huge response. What’s up?


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  1. He retired to focus on his health. Andrew and Tagged and other readers are doing a great job without the commentary. Roger provided a community service but not everyone liked his commentary and juvenile tantrums, picking fights with other readers. Hard to get the straight reports like the current reporters do, which I appreciate. But, everyone has their tastes.

  2. Ehh not really. The current commenters you mentioned usually offer half baked reports that don’t have most relevant info or just say cryptic half sentences. At least Roger would communicate all the details than say something like “there was a suspect description” and then not say anything about the suspect description mentioned.

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