New Summerland Suburb

We were surprised on a June 1 flight to notice what seems to be a new “suburb” growing on the Summerland bluff. It was below the southbound 101 Summerland exit and above the railroad tracks. There seem to be three main dwelling areas, with the one on the left (1st pic) apparently built right into the bluff with a drain system. The 2nd pic shows an area on the right, and the 3rd pic shows all 3 from beach to freeway and possibly other areas in railroad culverts. Some questions come up for me. Could any of this cause erosion or public health problems? What more can be done to provide affordable housing for workers, and safe shelter for the homeless? Does anyone on Edhat have ideas or answers?

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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  1. I say we force these people to get help and get back into society. I’m tired of paying for them to sit around a drink beer, do drugs and make forts on the side of the highway. These people are not down on their luck. Wake up folks, this homeless epidemic is about to get worse because we just sit around and watch it happen. I was born in SB and some of the homeless from when I was teen are still cruising around begging for cash for their vices. After 20 years I think they could have found a job by now. They gave up, why are we paying for it?

  2. I’m kind of impressed that they’ve found a way to make homes in such an awkward place. It appears to be pretty much out of everyone’s way. I know, there could be problems with sanitation, etc. But still, good for them.

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