New Limited Parking Signs Downtown?

By an edhat reader

Has anyone noticed there are new 90-minute limit parking signs on more streets downtown as of today than there were last week? I noticed this in the 400-500 block Figueroa Street. Was there a notice about this?


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  1. TAGDES, check your math – why would 20min total there AND back leave you only 30min for shopping? That is a hint to the original comment’s meaning. You interpreted it correctly in the grammar sense, but left out common sense, which is an important part of reading comprehension.

  2. Only addressing 10:12 am’s comment on how it could take 20 minutes round trip to get to and from State. That’s the point, sure it would leave 55 min. to 70 or a little over an hour which would as I stated if one went anywhere after getting to State would only leave the stated times. I think common sense would suggest not everyone is going to La Arcada. Sorry I neglected to spell it out for you.

  3. Interesting about downtown employees parking further and further from their places of work, increasing the parking problems; that’s an argument (by the employees) for the rental e-scooters and e-bikes. The alternative would be requiring the places of employment (city) to provide more parking places. …But they don’t want to do _that_.

  4. The city took away a bunch of 15 minute green curb parking on Cota st. and thus removed parking for downtown night workers. They also made a bike lane and took out several spots. Makes it really tough on people who work in the service industry downtown at night in that area. BAD MOVE.

  5. What use are 15 min parking zones to service industry workers working nights? 90 mins is still longer than 15, isn’t it? Additionally, these parking restrictions are only between 9am and 6pm so of little importance to night workers.

  6. HZ said ” to State and back” , best work on your reading comprehension. So if you figure 4-5 blocks at an average of 3.1 mph for 14 minutes plus a couple more minutes for the 2 signalized x-ings they are not far off considering that would only get you to La Arcada.

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