Flapping Storm Drains?

Flapping Storm Drains? (Courtesy Photo)

The city installed 1200 flapping storm drain covers. They cut the opening by 42% even when they are open!

The extra hardware in the hole makes it half-sized, and causes flooding, and they do nothing to help anyone. WHY?


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  1. There is a bigger issue with the storm drains-The city does not clean streets in many parts of Santa Barbara, especially the foothills, including The Riviera and Eucalyptus Hill. Garden spray poisons, particles from tires, break linings, fuel, etc. are washed into the storm drains with each rain and go into our ocean front, poisoning our shore and water and killing sealife.

    The outer portions of Santa Barbara have not been sweptfor over 40-years. The city also uses contracted stone age dry sweepers that throw a witches brew of poisons into the air as they sweep. Don’t stand close to a street sweeper when it is moving!

  2. The flappers were installed by the “clean creeks dept.” to keep trash and debris from entering the storm drains. They are spring loaded to open when there is sufficient water pressure activate the spring. The size of the exit pipe inside the drain box and the capacity of the main drain line and the amount of water already in the system are all factors when it comes to “flooding”. If you think the flapper is a contributing factor to flooding in your neighborhood contact the “clean creeks”

  3. My comment was directed only at flooding. If the drains are half-sized, then the flood waters can’t get in. I have seen cars washing down shoreline drive, and that was before they made the storm drains smaller, so now more water stays in the road and floods into houses. The leaves, tennis balls etc that pile up in front of the flappers get washed into the ocean anyway when it it rains. The city doesn’t clean the accumulation on my street – I don’t know about others. I am sure they seemed like a good idea at the time, but the city should be sued for all the flood damage they cause.

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