Additional Juvenile Victims Found in Buellton Man’s Sex Crimes

Gregory Scott Ray (courtesy)
Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office
April 15, 2019

Sheriff’s Office Identifies Additional Juvenile Sex Crime Victims

Following the April 9, 2019 arrest of 52-year-old Gregory Scott Ray of Buellton for sex crimes committed against three male juveniles in the Santa Ynez Valley, additional victims have been identified. These victims include those who live local and some that are out of the area. It is believed that there are likely additional victims who live outside of the Santa Barbara County area. 

Ray traveled to many other counties within California during the course of his employment as an independent contractor and sales consultant for Friesens LLC, a yearbook publishing company. Ray assisted with yearbook consulting at many school campuses in central California, from San Jose to Los Angeles County, and may have attended yearbook camps/conferences. 

If anyone has been a victim or knows anyone who has been victimized, they are urged to contact the Criminal Investigation’s Division of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office at 805-681-4 150. To leave an anonymous tip, please call 805-681-4171 or go to our website at

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office
April 10, 2019

Buellton Man Arrested for Sex Related Charges Involving Minors

A Buellton resident is in custody at the Santa Barbara County Jail following an investigation by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division. On March 18, 2019, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Santa Ynez Valley High School (SYVHS) regarding alleged inappropriate sexual contact between a student and 52-year-old Greg Scott Ray, a yearbook consultant and salesman who covers Central California. The report stemmed from a conversation a teacher overheard and reported to School Administrators. SYVHS promptly contacted the Sheriff Office who subsequently initiated an investigation.

The investigation revealed that Ray was using a social media app as a way to meet and have sexual contact with young males. Through the course of the investigation, Sheriff’s detectives confirmed he had inappropriate sexual contact with three known male victims, ages 13 to 17 in the Santa Ynez Valley. At this time, it appears the introductions occurred through the app and Ray reached out to the victims multiple times throughout the course of several years. While the case is still under investigation, there is no information at this time to indicate the sexual contacts occurred on campus.

This morning, April 9, 2019, Sheriff’s detectives served a search warrant at Ray’s residence in Buellton and he was subsequently arrested. Ray was booked at the Jail on various sex related charges involving minors. His bail is set one million dollars. 

Detectives have determined that Ray was using the social media app for many years and there is a concern that there may be more victims. If you have been victimized, know of any potential victims or have information related to the investigation, you are asked to please call the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division at 805-681-4150. To leave an anonymous tip, please call 805-681-4171 or go to our websi te at 

Due to the active investigation involving minors, we are not able to release additional info at this time.


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  1. A yearbook rep who also happened to be a pedophile? Uggh. Maybe it’s time we do full psych profiles on every person who works with kids in any capacity? Especially those who work at schools, daycare centers sports and after school activities. Pedophiles are drawn to these roles like moths to a flame and their psych makeup is pretty consistent. Seems like a good fit for AI. Even with false positives in play it would be worth it to filter out these creeps.

  2. They are instituting this on the largely retiree and female volunteers in places like the Natural History Museum. Finger printing, the whole nine yards. Officials haven’t figured out which gender and age-group is likely to be dangerous and put that burden on those.

  3. That’s true, but sometimes common sense makes discrimination a good idea. Volume & costs, financial, time, difficulty, should be considerations. No point in checking the chipmunks in a national park there’s a marauding bear problem. And do elderly women and men need a test for pregnancy included in their annual physical blood panel on the basis of non-discrimination?

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