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Are there any HAM radio operators or vintage radio enthusiasts out there that could recommend a local (vintage) radio repair specialist?

I have my father’s Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 radio that needs servicing. There’s some wonderful family history behind it and I really really want to keep that going by being able to pass it down.

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  1. The Transoceanic series were great radios. I have come close to buing a 7000 several times. I doubt there are any local places to service it, but there are several specialists that you could ship to that focus on these radios. As I understand it there are some unique parts that a dedicated shop would have that a general electronics repair place wouldn’t.

    I need to dig through my inbox to find the places that were recommended to me when I last _almost_ bought one. The only one I remember is this guy who uses ebay as his storefront and payment service. He’s down in Chino…

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