Lima Five Two

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By John Wiley

The moment you lift off from SBA, the fresh new green and deep blue of the Channel evoke a relaxed sigh. A few wonderfully scenic minutes later you’re strolling from the L52 airport in Oceano, past the slough just outside the gate. There you can pause to enjoy Fall colors just beginning to emerge in some of the trees. Various waterfowl always offer a show if you care to stop and watch for a moment. Walking toward the beach, friendly people will exchange a few words as vehicles zip by to enjoy driving the sands while it’s still allowed.

Nearing the water, surf sounds take over and invite you to feel cool packed sand between your toes and splash in the shallows. Heading back to the airport you might take in the campground where tall dunes give way to a mixed forest. Passing the slough again more birds continue their serenely busy hunting and preening. Back in the air, approaching sunset illuminates Cachuma in magical light and emphasizes how an aerial journey can complement the destination.

After these few hours, our soothed souls give thanks for living in this glorious corner of the world’s best country for recreational flight.


Written by John Wiley

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