Incident at Loreto Plaza Monday

Update by Geo Duarte

Likely a welfare cgeck, EMR and SBPD response to Loreto Plaza on Monday, 06/05/2023

PD and AMR quickly responded to a popular Uptown shopping Center.  They quickly arrived, yet cautiously and slowly approached the situation. The records system reported the person had a handicap placard, And, previiusly owned a handgun. It was eventually known that the vehicle was registered to the her spouse.

Scanner traffic sounded like this was a welfare check of so.e kind. She appeard fine and AMR left the scene. Officers spoke to the elderly subject for a while and cleared the scene.

By an edhat reader

Yesterday [Monday] at 6pm walked out of Harry’s to go to my car which was parked in front of Chaucer’s. Could not leave the parking lot as there were five police cars and officers surrounding an older woman and a 30ish man. Eventually an ambulance also arrived.

After about 20 minutes they allowed us to pull our vehicles out and leave but the police were still there with the woman and man. Anyone have any idea what was happening?


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