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By John Wiley

What always flew? Long before people, birds, bats, or even pterodactyls slowly figured out how to fly, at least one thing flew that seems to be flying even faster now: Time.

Thus it is that months after an August flight, I’ve realized these pix never got sent to Ed. Even so, they may be of interest to anyone who loves these sites or hasn’t yet visited them. Though visiting the reservoir above Hwy.101 on D.P. Ranch just West of Goleta may not be possible for the public, we do get to enjoy it from the air (maybe you too sometimes from airliners?).

It’s been far too long since we’ve visited El Capitan, even though we fly past fairly often. That’s true of Refugio too, though we fly over that less often. Last in this batch is Gaviota Beach, where we want to stop on our next drive out that way at low tide, to explore the fascinating exposed cliffs West of the pier. Upended sandstone layers there have made some intriguing shapes and small caves. Do you have pix to share of these places so familiar to many of us?


Written by John Wiley

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