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By John Wiley

Newcomers to Santa Barbara may quickly learn some “code names” that have long been familiar to many residents. We may remember the first time someone said, “APS” and noticed our quizzical expression. When they then supplied the long street name of Alameda Padre Serra, it was clear why they use the three initials instead.

But other code names like Hendry’s and Wilcox might be more insider or old-timer names. Feel free to add a Comment here with your favorites.

Meanwhile here are views of “Eyelash Hill” framed by low clouds from down on the ground, and with different context from up in the air.

John Wiley

Written by John Wiley

John Wiley is a local pilot and longtime contributor to edhat.

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  1. You could have explained that the palms were installed by the notorious international arms dealer gun runner Adnan Kashoggi who built the estate on top of that hill complete with observation guard towers. I heard later that the property was sold to a former papal legate but I cannot confirm that.

  2. DOULIE: As far as I can make out, “Rutherford Park” is some Real Estate lingo used to designate a certain area of Santa Barbara: “Let us introduce you to Rutherford Park, located in Central Santa Barbara, CA. Rutherford Park is a relatively small section of town composed of 0.2 square miles. This residential neighborhood is one of 41 submarkets in the greater Santa Barbara area.”—— And: “Rutherford Park is the 9th most walkable neighborhood in Santa Barbara with 1,065 residents.
    Rutherford Park is somewhat bikeable.
    Nearby neighborhoods: La Cumbre Park, San Roque Parks, Samarkand, Foothill, Hitchcock, North State and Oak Park.”—————-I never heard of it until reading about it on this thread. Wondering how many of the 1000+ people residing there actually call it “Rutherford Park” area. (sources: https://www.apartmenthomeliving.com/santa-barbara-ca/rutherford-park ——– and ——https://www.walkscore.com/CA/Santa_Barbara/Rutherford_Park

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