Angel View

By John Wiley

As we’re sheltered in place, I looked through recent aerial pix of our little paradise again. Somehow this one had me imagining how our region might look to an angel in this current cloak of bright Spring colors. Here it is, in case you’d like to add it to all the other healing pix of our town.


Written by John Wiley

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  1. Is it PTSD that makes this magnificent view of our mountains, washed by rain and swept by wind – flash for a second to a memory of that same vantage point on the billowing Thomas fire or rampaging path of subsequent debris flow? How will the trauma of this current pandemic affect each and all of us in years to come? There’s an ancient Celtic song now known as All Through The Night with a line about guardian angels. If angels there be, may they sooth our coming days and comfort our nights.

  2. What a Stunning photo! Appreciating the higher perspective of our incredible town. People worldwide are dealing with this current trauma, our shared concern and uncertainty. Fortunate Us to weather this storm together, here. Sheltering at home I feel peaceful when I look out the window, and this inspiring photo from above takes that up a notch! Thank you!

  3. Correction-May angels ever bring us Truth in waking and soothe our dreams. [I figured our trusty spelling police would tag my having left “e” off the end of “soothe” in my earlier comment. I recalled having seen “sooth” in English lit., so I read the wiki: “… The English word true is from Old English…tríewe… German treu ‘faithful’… perhaps ultimately from PIE *dru- ‘tree’, on the notion of ‘steadfast as an oak’… Old Norse trú, ‘faith, word of honour; religious faith, belief’… in Anglo-Saxon expressed by…Modern English sooth”.]

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