Homeless Camps in Old Town Goleta

By an edhat reader

I have been seeing homeless people living at the end of Magnolia Street in Old Town Goleta. I send many messages to the city and they tell me they deal with it, but the trash is left.

Some residents want to clean it up ourselves but worry about possible confrontations. Is there a better solution to cleanup the trash?



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  1. If you wait for the government to address a decades old problem you may die of old age.
    Charge the government, City, for the time and clean up. Send them a bill.
    Here’s an idea, deduct it from your taxes as you are performing a government action, maintaining public land, or list it as charity donation to the community.
    Either way don’t hold your breath.

  2. The railroad right of way is the private property of the RR. They send out crews regularly to clean up the mess. Someone can contact them to ask for intervention. But the question not being asked or answered is why do we have, in a affluent society, people living like this? It should be an embarrassment to our nation that we do not provide housing and medical care and food for our least competent.

    • Why? Because liberals do not want people to become self sufficient and productive. You end up getting a bunch of slackers who just take and have no incentive to do otherwise. Unfortunately these slackers overshadow the people who truly need help. These slackers are not stupid – hence why they choose SB as a place to set up shop. Our government just enables them so you get more and more.

    • Some of it is pure choice, I know people that do NOT want to work or pay taxes, rent, etc and would rather “camp”. For some it is choice, for others it is addiction, some it is mental illness… SB has the climate where you can camp outside almost year round. We have a lot of resources for homeless here and they know it – free medical care, free camping supplies, free housing in more and more cases, etc. Many of the homeless in town have smart phones and are way more resourceful than people are giving them credit for!

  3. Its a Mexican old town mostly. It’s mostly old white people that live at those tracks behind the M streets. Back then when I was young the gangs (PJS) would make sure they didn’t stay. Harass beat then up and stuff. Why because they would steal. They didn’t buy all that stuff they stole it. But now those are the druggies these guys sell 2 so they are more than happy to let them be around. This is reality

  4. TGOD805 has it entirely correct. The gangs used to be the enforcers and keep the area clean, but now the “unhoused individuals” steal from the neighborhoods and are a market for the drugs the gangs sell, so it is a recurrent cycle. If you well meaning folks want to go out there with trash bags and pick up after them, good on ya. You might run across things that have “gone missing” from your yards and garages. Maybe your kid’s bike !!

  5. A good majority of these homeless individuals have serious drug, alcohol and mental issues. One just can’t just put them in housing. I myself was homeless and I do know what it is like trying to survive out in the streets of SB. In April of 2015 I finally received housing at a residential old hotel (more like a insane asylum) with the majority of the residents here, and they did not want to adjust to a normal way of living. They still had that street mentality do what I want, no one tells me what to do and not following the rules attitude here. Drugs, alcohol, destruction of the property, threats and violence to other residents. I myself was threaten quite a few times. Just a couple of months ago, a male (a trust fund baby) resident in their late 30’s who had mental and drug issues OD on fentanyl in his room. The cleaning lady hired by his parents to clean his room found him dead. He had his room filthy like a homeless encampment. And there is a lady here that she has her room like a homeless encampment that the housekeeper can’t even go there for weekly cleaning. It was about 4 or 5 years ago somebody made a suggestion here on edhat to put all the homeless individuals out on the oil rigs that are not in operation. Not too bad of an idea. They cannot buy any alcohol or illegal drugs. Teach them how to fish and lobster trapping, and drop off of monthly supplies of food, water, clothing and have Doctor Without Walls to go out there for medical check ups.

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