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Vidal, Hunter, Gutierrez, and Rivas are running for the District 3 Santa Barbara City Councilmember seat

Tuesday, June 5, is election day and some local races could be decided by just a few votes. 

Edhat readers have not been shy in the past few months to share their opinions on some of these candidates. Candidates for County Sheriff, District 3 Councilmember, and Auditor-Controller have been hotly contested. 

Take our edhat voter poll below for just a few of the races to state who you will vote for, or who you already voted for, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. With rents the way they are in this town, if Oscar gets along with his mom and can share living expenses with her in a pleasant house in a decent neighborhood, there is no shame in that. He is employed, and behaves like a fully functioning, intelligent, capable, kind adult. Whether he is the best person for the council is another question, but don’t slam him for living with mom.

  2. He’s 34. He’s got a fiancee. There’s nothing in his resume that qualifies him for this job. He hasn’t signed a lease yet or had to pay his own bills. Why would anyone consider him qualified for the management of a $100 million plus annual budget?

  3. I lost total and complete faith in the system when I and a majority of Californians voted yes on 187, in 1994, and then were told it was “unconstitutional”, or some such crap. So, people whom are here illegally have more “constitutional” rights than the people who are paying their way (ie, taxpaying citizens)? Freaking joke…

  4. I did NOT receive my ballot for district 3, and neither did other neighbors of mine, so now today we must all drive out to County Elections and take who knows how long to stand in line and vote there. Funny thing, we are all registered Republicans, and neighbors registered as Democrats did get their local ballot. Think that’s coincidental? And, this being SB, I will hide my handle to avoid recrimination for being a Republican.

  5. The issue with Measure T, the marijuana tax, is it doesn’t spell out specifically where the money will go. If it went to public schools or roads, then yes all for it. But it doesn’t explicitly state where the funds will be used, which means it could go to their salaries or something else ridiculous. Our local reps already can’t be trusted with the budget, don’t give them more money to waste without restrictions.

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