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I recently moved to the lower west side and notice that the train honks its horn nearly the entire trip from downtown through the entirety of the westside whereas I haven’t noticed it being used this much in other parts of town at all. This happens even at 3 am and goes on for quite a long time. Maybe this has been discussed before but does anyone know why there would be such frequent and loud honking?

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  1. There’s only one crossing that exists northbound of the train station that I know about- and that is the one for Montecito St. Everything else is grade -separated and so they don’t need their horn for them.
    I would guess they want to make sure anyone sleeping on the tracks hears them coming and gets off. The track right of way is home to a lot of people in various states of alertness.

  2. First of all it’s not Amtrak at 3:00 in the morning. These are Union Pacific freights and yes they are on their horns for the reasons already posted here and because they don’t run on schedules like Amtrak thus the additional warning for many that would not normally be expecting trains at these hours.

  3. I didn’t like the new layout at first and was set to boycott and then asked myself if it was really worth not visiting a website because the layout and a couple other things had changed. Was I becoming that Santa Barbara that even a website had to be to highest standard or I would never use it again? Nah, here I am just like you still using it because at the end of the day I love edhat and I love reading and commenting on here with you all. Edhat has given us the power to get rid of comments that are deemed unnecessary by the up or down votes and that is pretty cool. I used to enjoy reading the vile and negative comments too but I’m fine without seeing them. Do we really need to read comments that are so useless they went into the waste bin? That’s my opinion anyways.

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