Stomach Flu Going Around?

By an edhat reader

Is there a stomach flu going around? It seems like a lot of people have been getting sick this month.


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  1. @Ginger1: I disagree with the CDC’s statement (although I do see the “almost”). A few weeks ago I most certainly had influenza; I had all of the symptoms you desribed and it lasted a week. I thought it was a bit late in the season, but there it was. I also got a flu shot back in October, so either it wore off or I caught a different strain. Influenza is brutal, and humbling.

  2. MONKEYBOY. Please extend my sympathies to your wife. Tell her, if she caught what I had, she may feel pretty darn out of it for at least another week. ———-I am healthy, never catch a cold, haven’t had a flu in years and years, but that stomach virus (I had it about a month ago) was something really really nasty. Nauseous for days, didn’t even eat at all one day. Temp: 101.6ºF. Luckily, I had no screaming kids or anything similar that I couldn’t let slide for a while. This particular stomach thing had me “not myself” for two weeks. Ginger drinks help. Or you can try ginger chews. Pepto bismol helps. Heating pad or hot water bottle highly recommended—-put it on your stomach. Drinking plenty of water helps. Whatever the heck it was, I don’t ever want to go through that again.

  3. Flu shots are designed to fight the virus they think will be the hardest, there are different varieties. Also, I’ve heard if you still get the flu after a shot (they aren’t 100%) it will likely be less severe than not getting one.

  4. “Stomach flu” is something that does not exist. People call all sorts of viruses “the flu” and that is just wrong. Influenza is a respiratory illness. The stomach stuff is viral gastroenteritis and is pretty nasty in its own right, and comes from contaminated food or water first, and then from contact with the infected person’s fluids. Influenza is a serious illness and the symptoms are quite specific, especially the first two: Fever /chills, Muscle or body aches, Cough, Sore throat, Runny or stuffy nose, Headaches, Fatigue (tiredness). Learn those. PS: According to the CDC, there is currently almost no influenza circulating in California. There’s your medical lesson of the day! So go wash your hands, cook your food well and keep well stocked with TP. 😉

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