Smoke Surround

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By John Wiley

A Friday flight with friends was cut short after we climbed in relatively clear air over SBA. From the La Cumbre Peak area, we got the sense of a Santa Barbara smoke surround. Heading back to the airport, we could see that even the "clear" area had a veil. Looking toward Ventura a plume poked through thick smoke blowing out toward the islands. The view toward Santa Ynez vanished into thick brown. Back at the airport, we hoped that friends and family in every direction are safe.


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a-1572830030 Nov 03, 2019 05:13 PM
Smoke Surround

Upper East. Smoke was back at around 11 p.m. Probably earlier, but we didn't open the door until then and smelled it. UGH.

yin yang Nov 02, 2019 05:48 PM
Smoke Surround

Thank you for this, John Wiley! I've lurked and taken a long break; but sure have missed your information and photos!

John Wiley Nov 02, 2019 01:59 PM
Smoke Surround

Map is an hour old forecast, so maybe it won't materialize.

John Wiley Nov 02, 2019 01:57 PM
Smoke Surround

Smoke is near according to a recent map, near Lompoc and SB areas. Haven't been up to look today, but maybe someone with a view toward the channel can see it? According to the map it's a big blob offshore SE to NW with the NE edge over Pt. Conception and passing near Lompoc & SB.

SBSBSBSBSBsb Nov 02, 2019 01:27 PM
Smoke Surround

Three hour nap. Air was ok/ safe

rwelsh Nov 02, 2019 11:39 AM
Smoke Surround

This is a nice service. Thanks.

a-1572719902 Nov 02, 2019 11:38 AM
Smoke Surround

Smoke, and now maybe more from lightning?
NWS Los Angeles.

53m53 minutes ago.

First lightning strikes (2 of them) associated with this moisture from the south. A few more isolated lightning strike possible over #LosAngeles #Ventura #SantaBarbara Counties today. When thunder roars go indoors. See report:

a-1572717784 Nov 02, 2019 11:03 AM
Smoke Surround

I was hoping the Santa Ynez area wasn't suffering as we all were, with the smoke. Guess this miasma reached all the way up to San Luis Obispo, though.

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