Smoke Off Highway 154?

By an edhat reader

Is there a fire off Highway 154? It smells like smoke near E. Camino Cielo Rd. 


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  1. What if the fire was set by the underprivileged? Are they acting like fire rules don’t apply to them?
    How about we forget about under or over privileged and require everyone to act like the rules apply to them.
    I agree whoever set the fire should pay court costs and fire response costs. I’d also like to see hours of community service attached so if the people involved are poor, they can do hours in addition to pay costs and if they are rich and can pay cash, they still need to do hours of service. I don’t think the rich should be able to just write a check

  2. I hope they throw the book at whoever is responsible, maybe charge them for the cost of the fire engine. This is no time for the overprivileged to act like fire rules don’t apply to them, and the rest of us to be careless or stupid and ego-centric.

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