Sediment Percentage in Cachuma Lake?

By an edhat reader

Considering Lake Cachuma has been filled with sediment over the decades, I wonder what percentage full it is relative it’s original capacity. Does anyone know? 

Has this been looked in to before? It’s a shame so much sediment collects in the reservoir, it was a major source of sand for our local beaches! It’s an issue that apparently no one is talking about.


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  1. It costs about $15 per cubic yard to excavate and dispose of clean sediment. One acre-foot is about 1613 cu yd. So budget about $24,000 per ac-ft. So $410,00,000 to clean Cachuma out to design capacity. How much do we have to raise the hotel bed tax for this?

  2. It is actually something that has been discussed and talked about almost every year it rains here. I recall about 5 posts of the years asking the same question. with both suggestions to dredge the lake while it was so low last year. so, yes its been discussed. Quite a bit actually

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