Scanner Reports 7-5-17

I was reading the Sunday Edition LA Times the other day, I get it one day a week. I read this piece by Jesse Ball about everyone should be required to go to jail once every 10 years to and these are his words….”Help ensure a quality of life where prison is sufficient for keeping human beings.” I have been in some ugly places in my life and I never want to go back and I stay good to ensure my freedom from those places. At this point in time there are many people out there that would like it if me and others like me were locked up to ensure their insanity as our country is in a very strange place right now. I disagree with Jesse Ball on getting locked up every 10 years or so as some folks cannot handle even one day of being locked up and it could be a life changing event for some in a negative way. However for those who are in the business of justice, I do believe it would be a good thing, though not a lot of time and they should get paid for it, unless of course they broke the law. That is what prison is punishment for breaking the law. The quality of life in prison and jails is not good, many places are not up to par, some are downright torture to be in. Though I would like to see positive change, I doubt there will ever be. Prisoners are sentenced to time, not torture, though in America I think it’s time and torture and I don’t think it’s going to get better anytime soon.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

•Suspicious circumstances, window smash in a soccer store in the 800 block of North Milpas.
•Suicidal subject on a bus, MTD number 606, at State Street and Pedregosa.
•Burglary investigation room 72 SBHS, 700 Block of East Anapamu.
•Female screaming and removing her clothing, corner State and Figueroa.
•Check the welfare of a female down in the 300 block of State Street.
•Domestic violence committed in the 100 block of South Canada by the girlfriend.
•Medical call ill subject 100 block of Olive Mill Road.
•Vehicle accident, Anapamu and DLV, beige Pontiac and a blue Prius.
•Medical call Val Verde, 101 year old male, arm turning blue.
•Suspicious male in the parking lot of Turnpike Vons looking into vehicles.
•Assault victim, 3900 block of Crestmont Drive.
•Medical call, 2400 block of Bath Street, seizures.
•Found child, 200 block of Stearns Wharf.
•A male was being held down, 500 block of West Carrillo, I never heard why, some type of fight.
•Leaving at risk male who recently had brain surgery left his parents’ home in his vehicle, a 1998 Honda without plates, and said he was going to LA to see his girlfriend. Last seen SB 101 at Mission. CHP notified, never
heard any more.
•Medical call 700 block of Olive. Someone reported a possible throat laceration, but responder said it was a medical.
•Propane tank leak, 600 block of Grove Lane.
•Several gang types threatening to beat up reporting party in the 700 block of Meigs Road.
•Fireworks on Middle Road in Montecito, heard some later on closer by. Don’t like fireworks anymore.
•Report of a subject beating his head against a wall, Haley at Anacapa.

Scanner Reports Tuesday, 4th of July:

•One thing I really dislike about the scanner on the 4th of July is all the reports of the fireworks. Just about everyone and their mommy is setting them off. Here there everywhere up down all around and trying to report all
this at the same time. Not doing that this year. I can’t anyway, I’m much slower than usual because of my flight through the store the other day.
•Audible alarm and open door found, possible burglary, 900 block of Laguna.
•Subject outside of an RV with a long rifle or .12 gauge showing it to another person, 430 Chapala.
•Stolen vehicle found backside of La Cumbre Plaza near Lane Bryant, a Ford Explorer.
•Verbal fight on Santa Rosa Road.
•Medical call, 3880 Via Lucero at Alta Lucero.
•Ill subject or UI rolling on the ground in a parking lot in the 2000 block of State Street. I used to work there long, long ago.
•Traumatic injury, did not say what kind, 4600 block of More Mesa.
•Booking van with one soul on board besides the other soul driving, en route to County jail.
•Manzanita at Painted Cave, heat stroke victim.
•Backpack, raspberry color, stolen from the 1100 block of State Street.
•A bicyclist was on the freeway northbound in the Number One and Two lanes from El Sueno to Turnpike.
•Traffic accident Hollister at Los Carneros, one vehicle was on its side and a woman was trapped inside for some time.
•Audible alarm in a residence in the first block of Anacapa.
•Medical, man down on the shoulder next to a vehicle, Highway 101 northbound just north of Gaviota.
•I heard there was an overdose not sure exactly where it was because I was out of the room came back in heard call coroner. Not sure if it was the same call; that was on the West Side.
•Subject disturbing on the basketball court at Ortega Park.
•5150 transport out of Isla Vista. To where, I did not hear.
•Loose deer, 1500 block of Edison. Not sure if the poor thing got hit or what.
•Traffic accident, Highway 246 near the Shoestring Winery. Two injuries, did not sound serious, three vehicles involved.
•Medical call, 2900 block of Paradise Road for a foot laceration at the Ranger Station.

A couple of my limbs are messed up, doing things on their own, I might have to get a pair of handcuffs and hobble myself. I picked up my coffee earlier and it kept going all over the key board, bummer. Well, have a great 5th of July. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Poncho, Clancy, Jerry, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, Magruder, Don, Cory, Edwin, Elmo, Walter, Fred, Rambo, Sherry, Jim, Diana, Brad, Billy, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks and Chris willing, we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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