Santa Barbara’s “Just Cause” for Tenants?

by an edhat reader,

What does the Edhat community think of the proposed city of Santa Barbara requirement of a “just cause” protection for tenants? In April, the city council voted 6-1 in favor, with details to be worked out. As of now, nothing has happened, while the need increases.


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  1. There are more dedicated SB Housing Authority for seniors in this town than any other group. Seniors are the ones you don’t have to worry about since new openings are routinely available. Good to get to know the facts about available housing in this town before trying to sway an argument emotionally on no facts at all.

  2. There is no justification to come here and demand housing. And if we don’t provide it, you think you have a right to live on the streets. There is plenty of housing for low-income seniors. A long wait list considering the location is obvious, but that is no justification to keep building more subsidized housing for everyone who chooses to come here and demand it. No, that is not BS. Just because you finally woke up to getting on their waiting lists. One more handout on demand, which has been a pretty consistent theme it appears. This city has an extraordinary and unequaled amount of low cost senior housing – from Presidio Springs (huge complex) to Garden Court- another very large complex, to Friendship Manor next to UCSB to Castillo Cottages,, to private organizations like the Sambo’s Foundation to the private residences close by Presidio Springs. An amazing number of units for seniors. I am sure I am overlooking others. Yes, get in line. It is there and one should be grateful; not resentful and demanding. There are always double-wides in Lompoc if one truly wants low-cost senior housing. If one demands senior housing only in this prime coastal community, then it does come with an expected waiting list.

  3. Property down the street from me was owned by an elderly lady that put it into trust. When she passed the trust received her prop 13 tax level. Last I heard they were renting that property for $3K/mo and paying about $300/yr in property taxes. Making money hand over fist. Whereas I am paying about $7K/yr in property taxes. Being a landlord seems to be a pretty good deal to me, at least for her heirs.

  4. Mayor and the city council majority rejected all recommendations from a long-serving task force on this matter, who raised many of the exact same issues you have raised. Time to reject the mayor and the city council majority who discredited the hard work of this mutual benefit task force and sold out for a cheap political agenda instead. We don’t have to be helpless victims of our elected officials, unless we keep re-electing them or putting new clones in place once they are termed out. As recently happened when appointing a new person to replace carpet-bagging Gregg Hart.

  5. SB has more designated Senior and subsidized units proportionally than any other area. It’s time to change the law to limit tax subsidized housing to citizens and documented residents only to help meet demand by prioritizing occupancy. How many Housing Authority, AUD and other NPO sponsored housing units are occupied by persons unlawfully in our country? Tax exempt bonds to build these places that don’t pay property taxes cost taxpayers billions. There’s no need to build more.

  6. Why didnt you save some of that hard earned money Roger? Why didnt you plan for your future? Yes, I know… Life is hard and often throws a wrench into ones plans but to expect that you are to be gifted a home in the most desirable and expensive places in the world, is quite frankly, ridiculous. There are many places in this wonderful country that you can live for a fraction of what it cost to rent a dumpy apartment in SB. If your truly interested in your comfort, you’d find a nice and much cheaper place to live and move. Not that I want you to leave, I love your commentary and think you’re as much of a asset to the community as anyone, but life’s not fair and there is no birthright to live where you want for however much you want to pay… A big part of the housing problem can be traced to the city’s poor management of their housing program. The more housing that is not available to the public, the higher the price of the housing that is available. The more rules, regulation and taxes assigned to development, the higher the housing prices.

  7. Factotum, that’s not true. 6 seniors have just received eviction notices from the small apartment building on the corner of Mason and Voluntario Streets, from the new owner. The building is new and they have been there for two years, Section 8 tenants. That owner is Edward St. George.

  8. Factotum, that’s not true. 6 seniors have just received eviction notices from the small apartment building on the corner of Mason and Voluntario Streets, from the new owner. The building is two or three years old and they have been there for two years, Section 8 tenants, so the rent is guaranteed.

  9. SBOBSERVER, boy you are coming from a place of privilege to ask anyone why they didn’t save money. Some did and got sick. Some never made enough to save. That’s real rich of you to point that out. If FACTOTUM is right, we already have a large number of subsidized senior units per our population size. That just means the whole issue is tricky, and won’t be solved easily. Yes, we should take care of our seniors (and the poor), but how and where to do that. SB cannot take care of everyone but that doesn’t mean we should give up helping altogether.

  10. I am in total support of this. A friend who cleans houses was recently given 60 days notice to vacate a small house after 11 yrs. The only place she could find was an upstairs apt for 1,000 more a month. She is the kind of hard working person that is an asset to SB. These kinds of laws have worked well in other communities, it’s amazing that we don’t have them here.

  11. We need a rental match board for good tenants as you describe PITMIX with a long history of working and serving SB community. There are many older seniors with large homes looking to reasonably rent mini-studios of 300sf with separate entrances to trustworthy locals. How do we connect? EdHat?

  12. I suppose in the case of the 11 yr tenant, what was the reason for the notice? Something reasonable or otherwise? I agree lack of affordable workforce housing is a big issue, but then again tenants don’t have squatters rights either. Somewhere there is a balance between landlord and tenant rights,

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