Dependable Debt Collector or Agency?

It seems even if you win a claim in Small Claims Court, your chances of collecting on the debt are slim. I know where my debtor works (an out of town elementary school), but think his home address is no longer valid.

Would a debt collector be of help? I’ve only got one month left to collect. (Can’t believe I let this drag on for nearly four years.) Debt started out at $4,000, but now the debtor is giving me the runaround.

Last payment made to me was April 2023. Thank you for any advice, suggestions.

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  1. Maybe a debt collector would help get things on record but I imagine their % would be high and they might not take it on for such a small amount. Is it possible to file with small claims in the county they are now living?

  2. Anonymous. Thank you for taking an interest. I have been treading water, spending far too much time just trying to find an agency that would consider such a “small” amount. (Small to some people, I guess.) It seems there is an overabundance of help for getting people out of debt rather than assistance offered for collecting on such debts. After MUCH online research (YELP was a great resource) and emailing and several phone calls, I located a guy in L.A. who has given me good advice. For instance: I had no clue that the clock only starts ticking after latest payment on debt is made. Somehow I thought the Statute of Limitations’ four year limit began when debt first occurred. I sent “Jeff” a copy of the “Letter of Demand” I will send to the debtor and we shall go from there. However: Possible red flag. Jeff will only work for flat payment, not on contingency basis. Any thoughts?

  3. So you don’t lose any money to a debt collector, get his wages garnished. The court has a little booklet on how to get the order – it’s simple and quick. Once his employer receives it they MUST comply until the debt is paid.

    If you know his bank account you can also levy that too. Many easy ways to collect without losing money to a debt colelctor.

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