Sansum Letter Asking for Donations?

Did anyone else receive the 11/2 letter from Sansum Clinic’s CEO titled “A Special Request”?

Earlier this year Sansum announced it was bought out by the NorCal hospital giant Sutter Health, touting it will bring in more funding and greater access for care.

Now before the holidays I’m getting emails asking me to donate to Sansum. I surely have my opinions on this but I’m curious what other readers think.

Here are some highlighted quotes from the email:

“The joining of Sansum Clinic and Sutter Health will bring necessary resources to our community so we can continue to provide a full array of healthcare services for generations to come.”

“With Sutter we will be able to make significant investments in our facilities and capital improvement projects that we have not had the resources to undertake alone.”

“These changes won’t happen overnight. Even when we are fully integrated with Sutter we will remain a nonprofit organization and we will continue to rely on the generous support from our grateful patients.”

“Your gift of support will ensure that we are on the strongest financial footing possible and that we are able to continue serving our community with the highest quality healthcare available now and in the future. Won’t you please consider making a year-end gift to Sansum Clinic? All gifts of support donated in this community remain in this community.”


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What do you think?


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      • Sacjon, the First World problem I was referring to was the OP thinking that the letter they received was important enough to create a discussion around.
        People whining about small potato issues is annoying given the truly devastating things occurring in the world.

  1. I got my email with the subject: “A Special Request from Dr. Kurt Ransohoff” dated 11-01-2023 @ 7:07AM.
    I first verified that it came form a “” address before opening as I was unaware of WHO Dr. Kurt was, hoping it wasn’t to tell me that my I.D. doc no longer is a part of the Sansum Clinic (luckily she wasn’t referenced in the email, so far so good). Luckily (/S!) there is an “option” to “Donate online” (of course you can just click the “Download Our Mail-In Donation Form”)… I took the “Neither option”!!! Now off to make sure my I.D. doc is still there!
    “Dear Friends,
    Sansum Clinic is now part of Sutter Health.
    The benefits of this partnership will be many, but we think those most important to you and our patients will be improved access to high-quality care, resulting from a greater financial capacity to recruit and hire more healthcare providers. In addition, our physicians will be integrated with an even more robust network of highly-trained colleagues.” is how it starts off

  2. So we can’t get appointments for months, the cost for getting anything done medically is obscene, these “nonprofits” are cutting costs left and right that affect their customers…. and now they have the gaul to ask us for donations? Tone deaf much Kurt? Enjoy those cushy six figure salaries you and your wife rake in.

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