Rent Control Concerns?

By an Edhat reader:

I am about to continue a lease for a home rented by a friend of many years. The rent is approximately h-a-l-f – the “going rate,” for a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage home near the Upper East side. My concern is if/when rent control happens I don’t want to be stuck with a baseline rent this much under the market. Then it might be difficult to increase the rent?

Any insights on what I should be aware of in this situation? Your input is appreciated.


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  1. We have been tenants and later purchased property and became landlords. I agree with A-1538328815 I have cried many tears when we had great tenants that left. They treated the apartment like it was their own and there was a mutual respect and open communication and it was a win/win for both landlord & tenant. Also, it automatically morphed into a great friendships. If prop 10 passes it will open the door to rent control in Santa Barbara because tenant rights groups like “Cause” will think they have enough support to get rent control passed in Santa Barbara. Rent control is bad for tenants and landlords! Look at what is happening in Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles! It was not good for the property owners or tenants. It created an underground market for rents and it actually took rental units out of the rental stock since there was less incentive for property owners to be landlords. The people who are expressing how awful not having rent control is and want rent control need to stand up for the tenant rights they already have and empower themselves and do something about it. They have a lot of protection, rights and resources right at their fingertips here in Santa Barbara. They can learn about the resources available and use them, no one is going to do it them. As far as the so called threats that landlords are telling these people they will report them and get them deported, it is illegal. Again, we encourage tenants to empower themselves and exercise their rights to live here in beautiful Santa Barbara, and have good open communication with the landlord and feel safe they you rent.
    NO on Prop. 10

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