Puppy Located in Illegal Marijuana Grow Adopted by Sheriff’s Detective

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

While eradicating an illegal marijuana cultivation in the Cuyama Valley on September 26, 2018, Sheriff’s detectives and deputies conducted a safety sweep of the property. During this safety sweep, a small puppy was located lying on a pile of plastic surrounded by fertilizers and hazardous chemicals.

The puppy was slow to respond and lethargic. A Sheriff’s detective searched the area and discovered that the puppy was abandoned with no food or water in temperatures around 90 degrees. Based on the puppy’s condition and the fact that he was abandoned, detectives obtained permission from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff/Fire Air Support Unit, which was being utilized for the operation, to transport him back to Santa Maria where he could be cared for by professionals.

Stacy Silva, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Santa Maria Animal Center said, “When the puppy arrived at the Santa Maria Animal Center he was lethargic, salivating profusely, and he was reported to have vomited. His initial assessment by our Veterinary Team included a parvovirus test, which was negative. He was transferred to PETS Hospital for observation. He was returned to the Santa Maria Animal Center the following morning as a bright, playful, happy 3-month-old puppy. He will remain in our care until his holding period is up and then be reunited and adopted by his rescuers.” 

We are pleased to report that one of the detectives who found the puppy is adopting him. The detective, whose identity is being withheld due to his assignment, said he is pleased to have the puppy join his family and become a new addition to the Sheriff’s Office family as well. The detective said, “This little guy made quite the impression on every detective and deputy on scene. He is a little fighter and has quite the story to tell. I am excited to give him the home he deserves.” A name for him has yet to be decided. 

The detective added, “The Special Investigations Bureau would like the residents of Santa Barbara County to know that we are not solely concerned with eradicating illegal marijuana. We are also equally concerned with identifying the illegal disposal and use of hazardous chemicals as well as identifying animal cruelty, abuse and abandonment issues.”


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  1. This is a valuable dog which was taken by the cops and will not be returned to its human as the risk to that human is too large. Some police officer is taking this valuable dog as a piece of loot. If the loot were $500 in bills they would be criticized by all. Because they come up with a justification story about the animal readers think it sweet. Really, if this animal were in any shelter for adoption it wouldn’t last 2 days.

  2. How do you know this is a valuable dog? And, it very likely could have died from neglect and/ or the chemicals it was surrounded by. If they could find it’s owner, and gave it back it could still have died. And, it is a very different situation with an animal, and cash. Wondering why it would be a risk to the previous owner (who left him there) if it was given back, anyway.

  3. It was found in the heat, without food or water available. And, surrounded by chemicals, which may be why he was lethargic. I am merely glad to know it is all right, and now has a good home. How did the police benefit from taking the dog and getting it care?

  4. What a spin. The reason this pup was “abandoned” was almost certainly the raid on the property. This dog has been dognapped from its rightful custodian/person(s). The propaganda by these narcs is pretty obvious. We have no evidence that the dog was in danger or ill but their self serving claims.

  5. So where was the original Daddy of the cute little Puppy? Maybe you know something we don’t since you seem to have all the answers about this abandoned puppy…Is this your dog? Or someone you know? The poor pup was obviously abandoned so did you expect the police would not do their job and leave the poor dog there to get munched by something else?

  6. How naive to believe the police story. Do you not have any wit to understand self serving statements? Do you think all people who grow marijuana are evil and selfish and mean to animals? It is a valuable dog as noted by the other comments on this post. These sort of dogs do not show up in shelters or neighborhood posts. Try and find one and you will pay hundreds of dollars.

  7. If someone abandoned their pet in a house during a flood, or fire evacuation we would STILL say “why does that person deserve to get their dog back when they abandoned it?” I don’t think it really matters why the people left the puppy behind. The fact that it was left- and in an area with no food or water in heat of 90+- says plenty about their ability as an animal owner and advocate for innocent things.

  8. $500 cash can’t die from heat exhaustion and dehydration. I don’t think anyone would compare compassion for a living thing to pocketing money from an illegal sting opp. Weak argument. What would you prefer they do- bag it up and add it into the evidence locker? Leave it on the deserted property that those folks aren’t coming back to just to die? Nice.

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