Power Outage in Mission Canyon

By edhat readers

Power just went out up here in Mission Canyon around 7:30 p.m.. SCE says they’ll have the power restored by 10:30.

Power outage near the Mission, what’s up?


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  1. Not spreading oily FUD!!! I walk the talk. We installed solar on our house over 10 years ago. Drive a Prius and Audi ETron. Removed the grass and replaced with drought tolerant landscape before it was cool. I don’t believe its smart to completely rely on one unreliable source of energy.

  2. No more need to charge than to fill up with gas every night. Something you can’t do at the gas pump if the power is out. But a home with solar panels will do just fine. No need to be a shill for carbon.

  3. Just thinking with natural gas being banned in more and more places. Won’t this be fun when that happens on a cold dark stormy night. No heat. No warm food. No lights. No EV charging to get to somewhere safe.

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