Preliminary Election Results Show Wins for Salcido and Brown

By the edhat staff

Santa Barbara County residents hit the polls and mailed in ballots on Tuesday, although the majority of voters sat this primary election out.

According to semi-official election results, 4,464 people went to the polls and 44,824 mailed in ballots. That’s just 20.95% of the county’s 235,212 registered voters. According to the County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor, Joe Holland, there are approximately 26,000 still ballots left to count. 

However, the results so far seem to show incumbents and unchallenged candidates will most likely sail to smooth victories. 

Perhaps the most talked-about races were County Superintendent of Schools and Sheriff-Coroner. Preliminary results show Dr. Susan Salcido retains her seat as Superintendent against challenger Christy Lozano, a P.E. teacher.

Their race stirred up a lot of conversation between locals, especially as Lozano refused to agree to the terms of a candidate forum with Salcido that was hosted by the League of Women Voters. A different forum of sorts was finally put together by another host between the two candidates at a later date. Salcido received 28,877 votes, or 64.06%, while Lozano received 16,093 votes. 

Sheriff Bill Brown has a slightly closer race with challenger Lieutenant Juan Camarena. Brown currently holds the lead at 56.79% with 25,913 votes and Camarena has 19,599 votes. Brown has held the position for sixteen years and held a victory party at the Courthouse Tavern on Tuesday night. While Brown currently has over 6,000 votes in the lead, Camarena would still need over 65% of the votes in the remaining 26,000 ballots to score a win. 

Other races were either unopposed or heavily favored for the incumbent. Longtime County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Joe Holland beat challenger Elwrad MacLearn, who also ran for an open Santa Barbara Unified School Board seat in 2020, with 80.97% of the vote. 

District Attorney Joyce Dudley endorsed her Assistant District Attorney John Savrnoch, who won after running unopposed. 

Santa Barbara County Supervisor, Steve Lavagnino, retained his 5th District seat, and newcomer Laura Capps won the 2nd District seat that was previously occupied by Gregg Hart. Both were running unopposed. 

Hart left the Board of Supervisors for a chance to move up the chain to the State Assembly’s 37th District. He won the majority of the votes and will battle against former County Supervisor Mike Stoker this coming November. 

Representative Salud Carbajal received 61.91% for his 24th District U.S. Representative seat, but will still need to run off against Summerland heart surgeon Brad Allen later this year.

Election totals can be found here:

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  1. OK Come on, after all that we need to hear Comments on Lozano/Salcido. I admit I would have lost my wager made here. I guessed she would get 20% or less so she did better than that. Her 15 minutes are over and good luck getting another job in SB County.

  2. If she was truly serious about making a change, and not just determined to repeat lies and misinformation, my advice to C. Lozano would this:
    1.) Use the next 6 years to gain the education and experience to lead a County Office of Education- or at least learn what they actually do.
    2.) Practice and master verbal communication skills, analytical thinking skills and active listening skills
    3.) Definitely go back to school for a higher degree that will prepare you for the “real world”
    If this is not possible, perhaps an internship with Marjorie Taylor Green would better suit you.
    I agree with the reader above, you might need to change career paths.
    Thank you very much and congratulations to Dr. Salcido

  3. No, the results are predictable for Superintendent. Maybe next time a moderate candidate can show up and oust the status quo. I wonder of Salcido and the school admin players saw that as a shot over her/their bow.

  4. 3:33 – When do they not? A degree of any kind shows a level of dedication and hard work that is very valuable in the “real world.” You really think degrees are useless? I mean if your “real world” is unskilled labor than maybe, but anyone who has put in the time and effort to attain any degree has showed they’re able to accomplish a complex and lengthy goal.

  5. I don’t think Lozano was a great candidate…. But the disdain, misogyny and hate by so many people on here was notable. Yeah… let’s mock the PE teacher who (like pretty much all of us!) doesn’t think our schools are doing a great job. She’s not going to win and she isn’t endorsed by the powers that be… she must be shamed and vilified. Classy… all around!

  6. Oh I followed it, closer than you’ll ever know. And I don’t mean by watching the Fauci news on TV or following social media. The kids were never the ones at risk of serious illness from this virus, nor were they the ones transmitting it around. It may take a while for some to realize that, but that’s how it went down.

  7. *but didn’t every other country open schools back…
    We (obviously) failed our kids by bizarrely keeping schools closed an extra 6 months than virtually every other country in the world. Most European countries also didn’t mask their kids from fall 2020 on… they realized the educational harm. We “knew better” though…

  8. It is incorrect to say Brown won the sheriff race. He has a 7,000 vote lead and there remain ~24,000 votes to count at this time. Brown could win but you’re calling it early. 24k is nearly 3.5x the current margin. Camarena is still in this and you risk causing distrust in the election should Camarena ultimately win.
    Here’s John Palmintieri reporting

  9. No, by that I mean Fauci never had it right if you read what the academic scientists were writing and saying. Their face isn’t on TV all day. I don’t watch Fox either, so Marcel you can save your next predictable post.

  10. Duke, the party of inclusivity and tolerance makes exceptions for conservatives and religious folk, then it’s accepted, no, required, that they employ the same bigoted traits they claim to fight against.

  11. KKSYV, you mean you didn’t read all about the higher incidence of “extreme illness and death” among private school teachers, students and families from them returning to in-person ASAP!?!? Yeah, nether did I….. people seem to memory hole that early on they found the incidence rate among students and teachers at in-person schools were lower than the greater community – i.e. in a structured school environment teachers and students were safer!

  12. Basic, they just need more money! I know it didn’t work all the previous times but this time if we just throw more money at it, while doing the exact same thing, the system will produce a better educational outcome for our children!

  13. So now Salcido can go back to her job of managing a staff of hundreds as they provide special ed, CTE, IT, and certification services to all the districts in the county, because that’s what the County Ed dept. is supposed to do And the districts can argue about all the stuff Lozano cares about, because that’s what they are supposed to do. Face it, she ran for the wrong job and lost bigly.

  14. California was perfect example of A/B testing. Exactly- private school kids like Newsom’s we’re just fine. And they got to maintain their competitive advantage academically. My teen sons got through it amazingly well but it was tragic for many. Especially girls. But private school kids and their teachers are were fine- zero were hospitalized in Santa Barbara county.

  15. Duke – maybe you should look into the definition of “academia” which refers to higher education. This is what I have been talking about – parents with little education that try to bring their populist and uneducated opinions to the table and expect everyone to believe they are engaging in adult discussion. I can’t believe I have to define academia for you.

  16. GT, we got to the route of that “lie” you claim and it wasn’t a lie, it was semantics. She claimed the materials were ‘curriculum’ available to teachers and hidden from parents. Of course huge uproar and claims of ‘lies’ because it wasn’t ‘curriculum’ it was simply ‘additional materials’ available to teachers accessed via their online teacher portal, which parent’s don’t have access to…… okay whatever.

  17. Glad my kids are all out of school. I pulled them from public education early. I’m thankful I did. I’m sorry for those who can’t choose for their children.
    Because they spoke Spanish they were forced into bi lingual classes and were falling behind.

  18. Stop putting dumb, ignorant/uneducated people on the same level as smart, educated people. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you realize that stupid people are, well, stupid…. That’s why they say and do stupid things all the time. Giving them the false sense of equivalency is a big part of today’s societal problems. Too many dumb people thinking they’re smart enough to have a say… Kinda like giving a trophy to every player on the losing team. Sorry, not sorry…

  19. Lozano’s ideas typify the extremist right mindset. Most of these tenants were used by ISIS to establish control in the Middle East: 1. Further marginalize the marginalized 2. Continue the great replacement theory as a means to motivate 3. Galvanize support through fear of homosexuals and the CRT boogeyman 4. Eradicate books and teaching tools that don’t align with evangelism 5. Create the illusion that you are a victim to gain additional support. Lozano would be best to move to a very rural red county in a southern state as she would likely win there.

  20. It’s not “extremist” to point out the very things another person is trying to do. 1. She supported and wanted to implement policies that would marginalize the LGBQT and non-white community. 2. She spoke openly against “woke” policies that would lead to our demise (replacement theory), 3. spoke non stop about CRT and concerns about LGBQT issues. 4. Wanted to ban books that were “inappropriate” from a Christian mindset (no LGBQT issues). 5. Spoke at length about how the “far left” is trying to take over, making us all victims of their agenda.
    All those things GT said are really pretty true. You can’t honestly deny them.
    Are you really saying Lozano was not far (extreme) right?

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