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Just before the top of Pass on 154, the old road can be followed to the Left, past Cold Spring Tavern, under the bridge, etc.  Just after you leave 154 to the Left, in a short distance, there was a LARGE Historical Marker on top of a large Boulder. If memory is correct, the marker information explained that general Fremont’s troops camped on that spot before going down the mountain to take Santa Barbara. The boulder is now cracked and damaged beyond anything caused by nature, at least in my opinion. The Marker is gone! 

Why?  When did this happen? Is this another attempt to “correct” an event is history that some folks find wrong? Somehow this just seems wrong.  Can someone here explain?

Update by an edhat reader

Here are 2 photos for the historic marker arrival that came out a day or so ago. 

Update by John Lewis

I noticed there are several comments on the Freemont Marker which is missing or damaged. I took this photo of it in December 2018 and you’re welcome to post it to your website.


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  1. So how about some actual historical facts? Was General Fremont a bad guy? When did he “take” Santa Barbara and who did he take it from? Did he warrant a plaque in his honor? If not, I’m not saying it was right to remove it, just looking for some backstory.

  2. Fremont was a fairly competent explorer, mediocre map maker, and opportunistic politician. His military skills were lacking; as a general officer he spent the Civil War being relieved of commands. He was the Repubublican Party’s first Presidential Candidate. Thoroughly overrated.

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