Increase in Jets?

By an edhat reader

I’ve had more time to devote to birdwatching of late & due to that have become more aware of airplane flight patterns. The large jets, day & night, seem to always follow a north-south direction overhead. Has anyone else noticed all the large jets flying due west today, as far as the eye can see? I’ve counted 8 in the past 20 minutes.


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  1. Ohhhhhhk airport whiners….again.
    Traffic at SBA has been reduced probably by more than half from this time last year. So I can’t understand why everyone complains. Again! United has a total of only 4 flights a day. American has a total of 5. Three to Phoenix and 2 to Dallas. And Alaska has three flights. THATS IT! All of these flights are on either CRJ or ERJ175 aircraft, NON OF WHICH ARE LARGE as described in other comments. So let’s just say average is 4 trips, morning afternoon and evening for a total of only 12 flights. Maybe what you hear are all those private jets which the Santa Barbara elite fly on into or out of the area. I think our community should be very happy we have the service we do, which has been greatly reduced since the pandemic and the reduction of travel around the world. If these flights would be reduced further, I feel we’d still have the whiners even if we had ONE flight. I live less than a mile from the airport by the way, and in 40 years I haven’t complained by noise or frequency, I’m glad we have the service we do.

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