Gunshots and Fireworks?

Reported by edhat readers

  • Does anyone know what’s up with the ramdon fireworks over the last few days? They don’t ever seem to come from the same direction/location.

  • Gunshots in the Mission & Carrillo area. I have heard 4 gun-shots in the past 90 minutes Sunday evening. One around 7:50pm. A second one about 8:30pm and two more consecutive shots at 9:10pm.  A bit in the distance, so not exactly sure where. Anyone else hear anything?


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  1. They are not gun shots lol 4th of July is coming up and all the youngsters around town are going at it with fireworks, yes they are illegal but we did just as crazy stuff when we were kids, I say open a designated area in the beach for them to do it rather then the city streets, let them have fun

  2. Yeah it’s been going on since Memorial weekend, driving my poor dog crazy! He gets so scared and then he can’t sleep. I also wish people would go do them at the beach and NOT in populated neighborhoods, it’s totally inconsiderate of our pets that are fearful, as MOST dogs are.

  3. SBMH2015 – no, not saying politics were involved in the cancellation, just saying that no matter where you stand on all the divisive and polarizing issues today, we ALL should have common ground and pride on our Independence Day.

  4. It has been happening in Carp almost every night for more than a week. My dog goes absolutely ballistic, as does my neighbor with PTSD, and it wakes up my entire household. I realize those setting them off are ignorant of the results, I wish I could educate them on the matter.

  5. Sacjon, as soon as someone writes: “all should….” I know I will probably not be in agreement with the rest of it. We are a diverse nation and can be patriotic in different ways. Maybe use the day to celebrate diversity?

  6. PITMIX – the 4th is our celebration of our Independence from England. Are you saying it shouldn’t be celebrated as it is for some reason? It’s the one day ALL Americans should be proud and thankful for our independence. If it is offensive to any group, it would be the first I’ve ever heard. Is there something I’m missing about our Independence Day?

  7. SACJON. Fireworks scare and upset your dog but you’re all for booming, crackling, gun-shot-sounding fireworks’ displays? Where’s your sense of compassion for your dog and other animals? Who needs all that polluting smoke in the air anyway? My dogs and I are celebrating that the big displays are cancelled.

  8. 5:38 – Nope, you’re not correct. Fireworks that are shot in the middle of the night a few blocks away that scare my dog, because I’m unable to prepare him and comfort him are much different from those miles away that I have been able to prepare for and sit with my dog. Sorry to burst your assumption bubble, but illegal midnight fireworks aren’t the same thing. And I’m also sorry you are unable to do anything to comfort your dogs, but anyone who knows for a year in advance that fireworks are happening on the 4th, should be able to prepare for and comfort their dog. Close the windows for 15 minutes, take doggy on a drive away from the sounds, hold and comfort your dog at home, play soft music to drown out the distant booms, give your dog an anti-anxiety treat (plenty healthy ones), do something, anything but don’t sit there and preach to me about unplanned late night firecrackers.

  9. This IS a nation-wide phenomena, very odd, and in many cities. Read some social media and smaller-market news. It’s frigging weird. I did search “fireworks news,” but you get a lot more info if you search “illegal firework news.”
    Can you imagine hours of it every night?! Also first-hand reports on twitter. I found out about the fire works epidemic when I stumbled upon an orthodox Jewish twitter feed. WTHeck?

  10. SACJON. Yes, you did bring up politics. We are able to have pride in our Country every day and on July 4th. Public health emergency required fireworks cancellation. Not cancellation of the day or forcing you to stay inside and not celebrate. It’s one year. Pandemic. Enough side. It’s freakin’fireworks. Watch on YouTube

  11. SBMH2015 – I “brought up” politics only to say it’s the one day we can (well most of us at least) put aside our political differences (eg, covid response, racism, etc etc) and celebrate the independence of our nation. I’m not saying ANYTHING about the reason we can’t watch fireworks, I’m ONLY saying the 4th is a day where most Americans can agree on something. That something being a celebration of our independence. It was not meant to bring up politics in any way, shape or form, other than say we can put them aside. That’s all I was saying. You’re reading way too far into my comment.

  12. SacJon, the large countries still affiliated with Britain are Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Why do they, for the most part, seem to be more rational than the US at this point? And between the royal family, and the Trump family, which would you rather have? Celebrating our independence looks different when seen in that light.

  13. SacJon, I’m not the only one: Excerpt from article: “Fewer people plan to celebrate Independence Day compared to last year, according to a new, nationally representative WalletHub poll, as well as consumer research from the National Retail Federation. In fact, almost one in three Americans told WalletHub that they feel less patriotic this year, and 78% plan to spend less money on the holiday compared with last year……..Of course, American pride wasn’t so hot last year, either, according to Gallup research in 2019, which found less than half of U.S. residents were “extremely” proud to hail from the land of the free and the home of the brave. ….

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