COVID-19 Tests from Quest?

By an edhat reader

We just got an email from Quest Diagnostics offering a Covid test for $119+ $10 for the doctor.

Many of us have insurance, but what about those who don’t? How can they afford that? 


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  1. Unfortunately the only testing site is in Santa Maria, first come first serve for reservations for the following day…. Had a friend, without insurance, get tested, the lowest price he could find was $140 at Walgreens. Talking with people in other states, it’s much different. Either insurance pays or it’s free, no hassle, just show up get tested and leave.

  2. This was someone who had traveled recently and was wanting to make sure that they didn’t bring anything with them, so they could move forward. Masks are being worn. I have known about 12 different people that have come down sick over the last few months… and they have all tested negative, all mask wearers. The only person I know who has tested positive was a relative in Colorado, who came down with a fever, the same time her 12 year old son came down with a fever. She tested positive, son tested negative. Both are fine and out of the woods.

  3. Mountainman, many of the down votes are automatic from a few select users based on your username and prior posts, not on the actual post being downvoted. No person who actually contributes/encourages a positive discussion would downvote your 9:01 post.

  4. Many epidemiologists say that at this point in the pandemic the virus is so prevalent within out community we shouldn’t waste resources with mass testing and focus instead on protecting/isolating the vulnerable populations, taking care of those that get sick, and contact tracing. Contact tracing is something that is so important but the State completely dropped the ball on (similar to our state’s horrific EDD issues and failure to reopen schools). After over 60 million positive cases, the Obama administration stopped testing for H1N1 for the same reason.

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