Street Racing on the Eastside

By an edhat reader

Does anyone know what can be done about the street racing going on from Salinas to old coast highway? Seems the main culprits are a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger. Usually near the corner of Punta Gorda then the cars head to the 101 or up Salinas or old coast highway. There are kids in this area along with a local convenient store with a poorly lit cross walk.

By an edhat reader

There seems to be open drug sales taking place at the corner of Punta Gorda/Salinas and Old Coast highway. Also, cars driving exceedingly fast and racing each other. It’s only one lane each way this is extremely dangerous. There is also an Air BnB that has been having parties with 30+ people and a large canopy set up hosting weekly events. Who in the city can be called since this is non emergency?


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  1. Speed humps are better than speed bumps, especially if there’s bicycle traffic. To quote from the NHTSA report (link below):
    “The City of Portland (45) joined forces with Recycled Technology in the development of a rubber speed hump. It was designed for use on streets with frequent maintenance needs – it can be easily removed for street resurfacing, worn sections can be removed and replaced, inlaid markings are possible. It also has temporary uses, e.g., to slow vehicles in construction zones or near street fairs where there is high pedestrian activity. It is comparable in effectiveness to the asphalt hump.
    The City of Portland (46) tested split 22-foot speed humps spaced 28 feet apart for their effect on emergency vehicles. They created a chicane effect that emergency vehicles could pass around. The split humps were effective in slowing speeds on the roadway without delay to emergency vehicles. The spacing between humps did not seem to influence driver behavior. Especially on high volume streets, drivers showed no tendency to cross over the center line to avoid the hump.”

  2. Speed bumps are not such a good idea . The Police trying to catch criminals in a race for time would be slowed down with speed bumps . Go too fast and their squad cars would be damaged costing the City thousands in repairs & that’s the cost of replacing all the parts it could damage just for on Police car .

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