Closest Snow Area?

I’m hoping to take my kids on a weekend or day trip to play in the snow whenever the next storm comes through.

Do edhatters have insight on areas that are semi-close and easy to access? It doesn’t need to be a ski retreat like Big Bear but a place we can do our own sledding and snowman building.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Disregarding ski quality and just for reference, here are ski areas by distance from SB:

    Buckhorn Ski/Mount Waterman (130 miles – 2.5 hrs)
    Mt. Baldy (135 miles – 2.5 hrs)
    Mountain High (145 miles – 3 hrs)
    Snow Valley Mountain Resort (180 miles – 3.5 hrs)
    Alta Sierra Ski Resort (200 miles – 4 hrs)
    Big Bear (200 miles – 4 hrs)
    China Peak (300 miles – 5 hrs)
    Mammoth (360 miles – 6hrs)
    Tahoe Resorts (480 miles – 8hrs)

  2. would wait for a long weekend with holiday. else it a long drive for a short time in snow. but a freak snow fall could get closer than Pine Mtn and Frasier Park. Or skip school and work for a few days to travel to the ski areas. Like Wrightwood to avoid the freeways and get some rural time too. but could find a private plane to rent and go to big snow areas. else think of the sand as ‘snow’ and build sand men and swim in ocean’s melted snow. but if global freezing continues, sometimes it does snow at 2500 ft around Christmas or New Years. In the deserts.

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