Carpinteria Sheriff Hiding on 101?

By an edhat reader

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer, but first a little background.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the same Carp Sheriff “hiding” on the Northbound center divider near Bates Rd. He’s there at 7:30 AM in the middle of rush hour, so there is virtually no way to speed, but nabbing single people in the HOV lane is like shooting fish in a barrel.  When he gets someone, they then pull across three lanes of traffic to the shoulder, which causes the traffic to be even worse behind them and open the door for more problems like collisions and road rage.

My first question… is this legal or within his jurisdiction to do on 101?

Second… is it safe to be parked on the center divider like that?

Third… is this ethical?

Please discuss and enlighten me with facts.


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  1. When the Sheriff contracts with cities to do cop work they almost universally increase the number of citations they issue (from what was being issued by them before the city came along). This is probably related to the fact that cities get a share of these tickets as revenue and the Sheriff can protect their license to do local cop work by this method. Goleta Sheriff/Police deputies were regularly patrolling the 101 and hiding at the corner of Glen Annie and Hollister to ticket folks. I agree that it is excessive and seems less designed to make the streets safer than to get bucks.

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