Bottle Caps on the Street: A Blend of Art and Litter

By David Powdrell

I stumbled into collecting crusty, mangled bottle caps of the world several years ago.  Thinking back on it, I was just picking up trash but over time discovered that old bottle caps were interesting, albeit eclectic, pieces of art.

The mix of color, ink, rust, and grunge continues to captivate me for some odd reason. Sea glass of the streets.   

I started putting found caps in my pocket to the chagrin of my wife.

As we travel, I’m admiring the Eiffel Tower but secretly scanning the ground hoping to find another gem.

Not much redeeming value to this article, I know, but maybe you’re collecting something of marginal value that brings you joy?

David Powdrell

Written by David Powdrell

David Powdrell is a Carpinteria resident, photographer, and C.P.A. He often shares his photos and musings with edhat readers. See more of his photos at

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